SPEAKING OF FAITH: Church, Be the salt of the Earth

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read 2 Kings 2:19-22

“Father, we thank You today for the Word.  I thank You Lord for Your Ability to heal the waters, the Ability to fix a barren land.  Father, I thank You for the Word that’s still as real as it ever was, and that You, for those here today to hear me ask You to touch every person here with the message strong and secure, let the Word go out by Internet or in this House today.  We thank You for the Anointing that comes with the Word and the Understanding that brings the great Revelation that causes us to be able to walk in it.  Lord, we love You and praise You in the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen.

Cassie and I were there at this particular place in Israel to go to the Springs of Elisha.  I had a feeling as one of the locals passed by, at that nice tiled place with a pool, which they called the Springs of Elisha, that I had a question to ask of him.  “Is this the real Springs of Elisha?”

He answered me, “No, this is for the tourists.”   He told me we would have to go down the hill and through the woods where we’d come to a fence we could crawl through and into a junkyard to find it.

I asked, “Cassie let’s break away and go to the real place I just heard about.  A local person told me that we would go down this hill and through the woods to a fence, which we were to go through and under and into a junkyard.  There would be the real Springs of Elisha.”

So we left the group and set off trusting to find what we had been told we would see.  We found the path down the embankment, went through some woods and when we got to the fence that had a hole in it where we crawled through and came up into a junkyard, where there were old cars and tires and whatever else laying around spread out and there was a pool of water that had no real stream to it but sprung up out of the ground and then flowed away.

When we looked inside the pool, it was filled with these tiny, little black snails, called pennywinkles.  They are about this big, (the space between the thumb and forefinger) and flourish on the rocks around water that is very pure, clean and sweet.  In fact, if there are any pesticides or impurities in the water, one will not find them there.

I looked inside that pool and it was filled with the pennywinkles.  It might be in the middle of a junkyard, but it was pure, clean water.

How did I know that?  I know because I took my face and I dunked my face down in the Springs of Elisha and I drank until my belly was full.  It was sweet water.  In fact the Bible says that “it was sweet even unto this day.”

“Yeah but, that’s only until the time that 2 Kings was written.”

“You are right. And still I have more good news for you all.  When God does the healing and when God puts things right, and when God fixes things, He knows how to do it and He knows how to keep it.  Aren’t you glad for that?”

“Now I can say I am securely in the Hand of my Lord.  Nothing can pluck me out, there’s no devil, no sickness or disease, no pain, no strain, that can pull me out of the Hand of my Lord.  It’s because when He does it, He does it right!  And I don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

“And we read the Prophet Elisha showed up and the men of the city of Jericho said, “But there’s a problem.  We have a beautiful city, a beautiful place.  People love to come here and love to see the things we have to offer here.  It’s the water, there underneath, is the problem.  We can’t grow anything right.  We don’t have what we need to sustain life here.  It’s a beautiful place, but it’s a place of death and barrenness.”

“When I was reading through this, it reminded me of the land we live in today.  We have a beautiful country that we live in on this planet, but we have an undercurrent of spirituality that’s messed up.  There’s a misunderstanding and a misrepresentation and we seem to look at what’s supposed to bring wholeness and health and that we are to destroy the barrenness.  But, the problem is that the “salt of the Church seems to have lost its savor.  The Church needs to get its saltiness back.”

To be continued…