EBCI artists/craftspeople


Following is a listing of artists and craftspeople who are members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  If you would like to be added to this free listing, contact Scott at scotmckie@ebci-nsn.gov or message us at the Cherokee One Feather Facebook page.

Martha Arch-Lozano. Business: Native Design by Martha and Family

(828) 736 1666

Art: Beadwork, pucker-toe moccasins, ribbon skirts, repairs to old or broken beadwork, resin, and more


Shawnee Bark
(828) 736-4864, Sbark4@gmail.com
Art: Portrait oil paintings


Jenn Bird


Art: Beadwork, Laser engraved/cut goods such as cutting boards, travel mugs, jewelry, signs, and more


Driver Blythe


Art: Photography


Bernice Bottchenbaugh 


Art: Beadwork, Pucker-toe moccasins, clothing


Dave Bradley

Business name: Standingwolfe Woodworks

Socials how to get in contact: Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook are under Standingwolfe Woodworks

Art: Woodworking including making segmented bowls, vases, and cutting boards; also fountain pens and regular ink pens; coffee tables, end tables, a fly fishing board; original ideas welcome


Talisa Bradley

Business name: Wicked_Resin828

Socials how to get in contact: Instagram tiktok and Facebook are under Wicked_Resin828.

Art: Epoxy work such as keychains, tumblers, earrings, trays, ornaments, badge reels, phone stands, phone grips, and notebook covers; also does custom laser engraving on powder-coated tumblers and woods


C&C Creations

(828) 506-6602


Art: They use 3D printing to create cultural products using traditional design.


Hayes Calhoun 

(828) 736-6702

Art: Carving masks, making pipes


Shondra Collini. Business: Snapdragon Soap Co.

(828) 508-1032, shondracollini@gmail.com

Art: Soap making and shampoo bars and lotions


Robert Craig

(828) 788-4799

Art: Woodcarving


Charla Crowe

(828) 269-6447


Art: Native-designed décor and more


Davan Fourkiller-Raby, Business: Silly Goose Capes

sillygoosecapes@gmail.com, Facebook

Art: Handmade, traditional Cherokee Feather Capes


Antonio Grant and Angela Wolfe 


Art: Fur Trade Silver, Turquoise, and Wampum; Silversmith, Shell Carvings, demonstrations of these crafts


Greybeard Metalsmithing


Facebook Greybeard Metalsmithing

Instagram @greybeard_metalsmithing

Art: Sterling silver


Hunting Boy Wood Carving
Billy Welch


(828) 479-9554 or 735-1637

Art: Wood Carving


Charlie Jumper 


Facebook artist page underdog aesthetics 

Art: Copperwork and wood burning


Angel Kalonaheskie

(828) 736-7329


Facebook: Echoes of Our Ancestors | Facebook

Art: Beadwork, Miniature White Oak Baskets


Jody Bradley Lipscomb


Art: Acrylic. Mixed Media. Painter: Cherokee people, southern petroglyphs, abstracts


Harold Long 


Art: Pottery – both Traditional and Contemporary, Wood Carvings


Waylon Long

(828) 244-9836


Art: Rivercane Wall Mats, Stickball Sticks, Stickballs


Zhana Long

(828) 736-1967


Art: Painting (various types), Etching, Ribbon Skits, Rivercane Wall Mats


Dayini Lossie 


Art: Pottery, Beadwork, Baskets, Wood Carving, Fingerweaving


Timothy Lossie  ᏘᎹᏘ ᎤᏂᎶᏒ

Email: Timothymarclossie@gmail.com

Art: Woodcarving specializing in wood masks.


Mary Maney

(828) 788-2832


Art: Beadwork


Natasha Maney 


Art: Vinyl Snow Globe Tumblers and Hot And Cold Tumblers


Ray McCoy 

(828) 736-7087

Art: Wood carvings, some stone carvings


Sharon McCoy 

(828) 507-3433


Art: Beadwork



(828) 736-7141


Socials: Facebook and Instagram – Native Impressions

Art: Indigenous cultural inclusive goods: apparel, jewelry, home decor that reflects and combines aesthetic/function through innovation, creativity, and heritage.


Cameron Nelson


(828) 788-0153

Art: Wood Carving


Kerry Penland 


Art: Portrait Drawing, Painting, Doll-Making, Customizing


Nancy Pheasant


Art: Shell carvings, custom jewelry, ribbon skirts


Rob Radford 

robradford@gmail.com, (828) 788-0874

Art: Knife-making, Shell Carving


Kylee Robison


Art: Honeysuckle earrings, white oak mats, basket design apparel, fanny packs, coffee mugs, and prints


Sage Shirley 


Art: Photography


Ernie Tiger 

(828) 538-1220

Art: Painting


Three Sisters Design & Supply, Owners: Amy and Johnny Postoak

(828) 399-9359, 3sistersdesignnsupply@gmail.com
Art: Jewelry, Fingerweaving, Carvings, and Textiles


Mary Ann Welch Thompson


(828) 497-0552

Art: Basket making, Pottery


Laura Walkingstick

AFA, BFA Studio Arts, MA Art Therapy

Business:  Rez Dog Art Studio

Instagram: Rez Dog Art Studio

Facebook: Rez Dog Art Studio

Email: Rezdogartstudio@gmail.com

Art: Beadwork, Ceramics, Cherokee cloth dolls, Cornhusk dolls, Jewelry, Printmaking.

Workshops: Cornhusk Doll Workshops. *Workshops offering creative and expressive arts with mindfulness and healing intentions in the creative process.