SPEAKING OF FAITH: Through spiritual growth, people can get results

by Oct 7, 2022OPINIONS0 comments


(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Colossians 1:9-10

“Come to that place where one can ‘see,’ not only knowledge of these things, but know how to put it all into practice in one’s life.  This is spiritual growth,” Pastor Tim added, “People who are spiritually maturing get results.”

Let’s draw a picture of spiritual maturity in those who’ve gained in knowledge and have put what they’ve learned, into practice in their life.  Now, I doubt there’s anybody in this room who’s never had God answer one of their prayers.  We each are somewhere on the spiritual maturity level.  However, does anyone know we can all keep growing?

The day I die is when He’ll tell me I’m mature.  In fact, the Bible tells all of us we can keep on growing in wisdom and spiritual understanding and then He tells us why, “until all is pleasing to us.”

Now let’s see what spiritual wisdom does.  It can cause me to “walk” in a pleasing manner.  Whatever broke me last month won’t ever hurt me again, will never be able to bind me again.  Why? I’ve grown beyond that now.

How many remember how it was when first saved?  Those little devils come and start to torture each newly saved person with all kinds of questions concerning their salvation.

“Are you sure you’re really saved?”  “Oh, how can you be saved and say what you just said to him or to her?”  A person may next hear a temptation whispered, “Look, there’s some cool stuff over there that’s evidently not wanted.  I wonder who would have just left them there for just anybody to come along and clean up for them?”  “Should we even bother to look for the owner or just go ahead and take them on home with us?”

Now, though, after only a bit of regular time spent in reading and studying the Bible, makes the hunger and appetite for knowing such a wonderful Savior grow all the more.  Their wanting to spend more time reading and getting to know Him, makes these type devils suddenly stop even wanting to come there.   They may be hearing that person’s joyful sounds of praise and worship, as they find out how much the Lord Jesus loves them.  It makes these devils really want to flee.  A strong resistance makes them not even want to come closer to those happy souls.  Do you know why?

It’s because these same people have finally, been overcome by their growing up in the studying and reading of God’s Word along with an easier resistance to these tempters and temptations. If they come back, they’ll probably get a whupping!  Why?  It’s really because these people now know something so worthwhile, they like rejoicing, praising and worshipping!

How many realize when sickness comes to a family’s house, Dad or Mom with their own teaching of their children, enables each one together or alone, to resist any evil.   Together or by themselves, they will be able to ‘whup’ that evil thing trying to enter their now peaceful home.

The evil things suddenly have to flee and may never want to try and come back!  As true believers we begin practicing resisting them, in the Name of Jesus, the Name that is above every other name.  These devils may try to come back.  They will come to understand, it won’t be easy for them anymore.

A person’s own recognition of what prayers and worshipful praises of God can accomplish for them, and as they praise Him and Love on Him, they’ve really begun to understand, and diligently wanting to please Him, will thank Him for His watch care over his whole family, too.  Any believing person can stand up to the financial or health issues and whup them, too!  When people automatically begin to resist any evil trying to enter their peaceful home, they realize how successful in keeping the peace they’re becoming as God is there with them, blessing them more and more.

Speaking of the Blessing of God, I want everyone to understand this.  It is pleasing to the Lord to see everybody get Blessed.  It’s pleasing to the Lord to see things working out, because He delights in Blessing His people. It’s not pleasing unto the Lord for any of you to go through a struggle, a trial, a heartache, or pain.

It’s true knowledge He’s worked on the inside of each of us that’s real.  He knows how to give us Good things.  God is still God.  It’s true Wisdom that says, “It may hurt now, but Joy comes in the morning!”  I’m like a good Mother or Father who wants their children to be more…