Deceased members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians – April 1 to Sept. 30, 2023

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This is a list of deceased members of the tribe whose estate is entitled to a pro rate share of the deceased members per capita distribution of net gaming revenues for the period April 1-September 30, 2023, pursuant to Section 16C-5 pf the Cherokee Code.

This section does not apply to deceased minors.  Distribution to the estate of a deceased member may be made only to the authorized, or court appointed, fiduciary, affiant, executor, or administrator of the estate.  These documents must be received within one year of the date of death.  Please mail to the Tribal Enrollment Office, PO Box 2069 Cherokee, NC 28719.

Each person is shown with their date of death, full name and executor(s):

4/2/23            Ammons Perry Tramper                   Executor Thelma Kay Bird

4/7/23            Eva Reed

4/8/23            Lucille Radford                                  Executor Tiffany Tschudi

4/8/23            Jessica Myraah McCoy                      Executor Tonya B. Crowe

4/12/23           Oscar Hicks, Jr.                                  Executor Sarah Jane Hicks

4/15/23           William Gavin Groenewold              Executor Leona Groenewold

4/16/23           Rebecca Ensley Butler                      Executor Meisha Nash

4/17/23           Thelma Lee Crowe

4/18/23          Craig Alexander Otter

4/22/23          Carroll Ray Lambert, Jr.                   Executor Lashaun Lambert

4/28/23          Roy Adams Lambert                          Executor Laura Leigh Burton

4/28/23          Carol Marie Welch                            Executor Jamie Welch

5/6/23            Gary Jay Shell

5/13/23           Vera Lynn Rickman

5/20/23          Jason Eric Tate

5/22/23          Juanita Bradley                                  Executor William A. Bradley

5/24/23          Inez Marie Wolfe                               Executor Vicki Driver

5/27/23          Edward French                                  Executor Laura Killer

6/2/23            April Dawn Bird

6/3/23            Julius Francis Taylor                         Executors Alyssa & Sydney Taylor

6/3/23            Faye Moon

6/4/23            Linda Kay Hartzell

6/4/23            George Leon Braswell                       Executor Karen J. Braswell

6/4/23            Charles Wesley Justice

6/5/23            Gertha Shipman                                Executor Wanda Shipman Mintz

6/21/23           Randolph Palmer

6/25/23          Michael Dean Lambert                     Executor Marie Junaluska

6/26/23          Diane Lea Goshorn

6/26/23          Randall Edward Allen Brown

6/28/23          Barbara Sue Cline                              Executor Donald Carl Cline

7/1/23             Jim Littlejohn

7/5/23             Emil Bryan Beck

7/5/23             Errol Randall Long                            Executor Corbin Long Wolfe

7/5/23             Abraham Queen

7/7/23             Charissa Ann Newman

7/8/23            Darlene Lossiah

7/18/23           Kendra Alyse Crowe                          Executors Denise & Donovan Crowe

7/20/23          Jon Richard Smith

7/21/23           Francis Marion Blythe, Jr.

7/24/23          Mary Ann Fortenberry

7/24/23          Justin Lee Wildcat                             Executor Vera Wildcat

7/25/23          Lena Annie Wilson                            Executor Kina M. Armachain

7/27/23          Craigan Stan Wildcat

7/29/23          Katherine Elizabeth Smith

7/29/23          Maybelle Watty

8/2/23            Allen Sequoyah

8/4/23            Renata Maney

8/9/23            Albert Eugene Rowland

8/9/23            Terri Valli Merritt

8/16/23          Michele Lindsay Bushyhead

8/17/23           Homer Lee Thompson

8/21/23          Nancy Helen Plemmons                    Executor Michael Edward Brown

8/22/23          Woodward Scott McConnell             Executor Woodward Scot McConnell, II

8/27/23          Matthew Francis Berbon Owle

8/28/23          Simpson Queen, Jr.

9/1/23             Sherry Loren Jones

9/2/23            Farrell Edward Oocumma                Executor Norma Oocumma Davidson

9/5/23            Samuel Leroy Thompson

9/5/23            Alyson Laraine Penland

9/23/23          Casandra Marie Tolley

9/24/23          Eva Katherine Taylor

9/25/23          Kenneth Lee Standingdeer

9/25/23          Betty Sue Durrance

9/27/23          Ricky Lee Ward

9/28/23          Dennis Eugene Kindrick

9/28/23          Leslie Michelle Maney