Frell Owl Award nominations being accepted

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2022 marks the 35th year that the Cherokee Boys Club Board of Directors will publicly recognize a person or persons with the Frell Owl Award.

The Frell Owl Award is given to those who best exemplify the character and accomplishments of the late Mr. Frell Owl, Cherokee educator and civic leader, and to those who have significantly contributed to the welfare of Cherokee children and families.

Past recipients of this award are: John Crowe, Stella Kanott, the Crowe Family, Ray Kinsland, Pearl and John Reagan, Betty Crisp, Jerri Kinsland, Mary Chiltoskey, Dora Reed, Marie Junaluska, Sharon and David Crowe, Ernestine Walkingstick, Jody Adams, Gary Maney, Mary Sneed, Mary Mantooth, David McCoy, Glenda Crowe, Denise Ballard, David McQueen, Skooter McCoy, Johnson “Booger” Arch, Kathy Wolfe, Carmaleta Monteith, Roy Lambert, Sandi Owle, Lana Lambert, Catherine Blythe-Sanders, Will Poolaw, Lou Johnson, Wilbur Paul, Alan and Mary Jane Smith, Isaac “Ike” Long, Michael Yannette, and Mianna “Peaches” Squirrel.

Anyone may submit a nomination. Any person or persons may be nominated with the exception of current Cherokee Boys Club Board Members.

The closing date for receiving nominations is Thursday, Nov. 10. You may pick up a nomination form from the receptionist at the Boys Club Information Window. Please return the nomination for and any support documents (Marked Confidential) to Benny Graves, Cherokee Boys Club, PO Box 507, Cherokee, NC 28719 or deliver to the Cherokee Boys Club at 52 Cherokee Boys Club Loop, Cherokee, NC 28719. If you have any questions, please call Jackie Bradley at 828-359-5508.

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