Tribal Council Rep. Bill Taylor resigns

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One Feather Reporter


After being arrested on three charges, including domestic violence, Wolftown Rep. Dennis ‘Bill’ Taylor has announced his resignation.

At Annual Council on Monday, Oct. 17, Tribal Council Chairperson Richard French read into record a letter that was penned by Taylor and emailed to Tribal Council on Sunday evening.

“It’s truly been an honor to represent the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians as a Tribal Council representative for nine years. At this time, I have decided to stay away from Tribal Council and take care of myself, my health, and my family. So, please accept my resignation Sunday, Oct. 16 as Tribal Council representative Wolftown/Big Y communities. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.”

Taylor’s resignation opens a second seat around the horseshoe. Late Painttown Rep. Tommye Saunooke, who represented her community on Tribal Council for 23 years, passed away on Oct. 9. With more than a year before the general elections, two replacements are expected to be established in the coming weeks.

“The Board of Elections will be meeting this afternoon to sort out some details about the upcoming special election. We will work with the Board of Elections to ultimately express the timing and other details of the special election in a Tribal Council resolution. Most likely, Tribal Council will consider and vote on a resolution at its next meeting which will be on Monday, October 24,” said Chairperson French.

Reports on Taylor’s arrest came out last week following an arraignment hearing that was held on Monday, Oct. 10. A warrant was placed for his arrest on Oct. 6 following an incident involving himself and his wife. Taylor was held in Cherokee jail for a necessary 72-hour period from Oct. 7 until his arraignment. He faces three charges and was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond.

The three charges are for domestic violence (Cherokee Code 14-40.1), assault with a deadly weapon (Cherokee Code 14-40.55), and reckless endangerment (Cherokee Code 14-40.64). These charges are under case numbers 22CR9853, 22CR9854, and 22CR9855 respectively. The detail of these violations can be found in Article IX of the Cherokee Code.

The next court date for EBCI vs. Dennis Edward Taylor is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 18.

The Cherokee One Feather has reached out to the EBCI Board of Elections for a statement and any further information on the potential of a special election, but none has been provided.