Deceased Members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (April 1, 2022 to Sept. 30, 2022)

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This is a list of deceased members of the Tribe whose estate is entitled to a pro rata share of the deceased members per capita distribution of net gaming revenues for the period April 1, 2022 to Sept. 30, 2022, pursuant to Section 16C-5 of the Cherokee Code.

This section does not apply to deceased minors.  Distribution to the estate of a deceased member may be made only to the authorized, or court appointed, fiduciary, affiant, executor, or administrator of the estate.  These documents must be received within one year of date of death.  Please mail to the Tribal Enrollment Office, PO Box 2069 Cherokee, NC 28719.

Each person is shown with their date of death, full name, and executor(s):

4/3/22          Jackie Powell

4/9/22          David Alvin Bradley                   Executor Rachel Dianne Reed

4/9/22          Darrell William Teesateskie        Executor Woodrow N. Teesateskie

4/10/22        Katherine Norleen Panther        Executor Annetta Gail Panther Long

4/11/22        Helen Lewis Martin                     Executor Angela Martin

4/19/22        Xavier James Squirrell                Executor Rebecca Anne Squirrell

4/21/22        Kimberly Elaine Parton               Executor Anne Holt

4/22/22        Leauna Emmaline Gloyne

4/24/22        Joshua Squirrel, Jr.

4/26/22        James Timothy Beck, Sr.            Executor Julie Maney

4/26/22        Norma Jean Smith

4/28/22        Johnnie Thompson, Jr.

4/28/22        Adam Chris Lambert

5/2/22          Michele Annette Wilnoty           Executor David Bernard Wilnoty

5/8/22          Wayne Lamar Wolfe                  Executor Martha Wolfe

5/8/22          Annie Marie Young                    Executor Cy Young

5/8/22          Johnie Ray West

5/8/22          Bonnie Louise Arneach             Executor Sara Arneach Watson

5/9/22          Charles Edward Queen

5/9/22          Raymond Teesatuskie               Executor Roy Teesatuskie

5/10/22        Lorrie Ann Hornbuckle               Executors Christina Deeth & Jennifer Thomas

5/15/22        Austin Cain Ross

5/16/22        Katie Marline Reed                    Executor Alesha Sanchez

5/16/22        Tina Louise Walkingstick

5/21/22        Carol Sue Hogsed                      Executors Michael Hogsed & Angela Gardner

5/23/22        Samuel Lafayette Lambert

5/25/22        Kenneth Lee Joren

6/4/22          Stephanie Dawn Jones

6/5/22          Mark Welch Crowe                    Executor Glenda L. Crowe

6/6/22          Melissa Dawn Moore

6/7/22          Geraldine Sarah Thompson                Executors Vickie Thompson & Eugenia Guess

6/9/22          Ralph Elliott Burgess                              Executor Maxine McCoy Burgess

6/15/22        Wayne Wachacha

6/15/22        Lucy Teesateskie

6/18/22        Terry Leann Wright

6/20/22        Priscilla Mahsetky

6/20/22        Natasha Leigh Swayney

6/27/22        Lawrence Edward Hill

6/28/22        Martin Louis Armachain, Jr.

6/30/22        Edwin George                                      Executor Charleston George

7/2/22          Allen Edwin McCoy                             Executor Michelle Saunooke-McCoy

7/7/22          Marcell Franklin Cline                          Executor Barbara Griffin Cline

7/8/22          John Norman Driver

7/13/22        Richard Thomas McCoy

7/13/22        Ben Allen Swayney

7/14/22        Ricky Benny Jumper                            Executor Lyle Jumper

7/14/22        Robert Lee Axelong

7/14/22        Jana Eileen Haumpy

7/14/22        Joshua Brent Squirrel

7/18/22        Alice Suzanna Lewis                             Executor James Aaron Lewis

7/21/22        Andrew Jessan Bradley

7/25/22        Florence Lorene Bradley                      Executor Lehmann Aaron Bradley

7/26/22        John Ed Walkingstick

8/1/22          Elizabeth Ann Wilson

8/2/22          Gregory Hunter Maney                       Executors Suzanne Payne & Gregory D. Maney

8/3/22          Rena J. Terry

8/3/22          Caroline Irene Smith                            Executor Deborah Conseen-Bradley

8/6/22          Bee Jay Bigmeat                                  Executor Teyha Bigmeat

8/8/22          Stephany Dee Larch Crowe

8/11/22        Isaac Climbingbear, Sr.

8/16/22        Jackson Wolfe

8/19/22        Rena Janet Wachacha                       Executor Gaynell Bradley

8/24/22        Patricia Marie Swayney

8/24/22        Rebecca Bigwitch

8/24/22        Melissa Gail Queen

8/26/22        Herbert Sneed, Sr.

8/27/22        Janet Jessie Walkingstick

8/31/22        Mary Elizabeth Swayney

9/1/22          Rachel Mathis

9/2/22          Pamela Janeen Jackson

9/4/22          Wade Eugene Brady

9/4/22          Charles Kenneth Johnson

9/5/22          Darlene Ann Whitetree

9/10/22        Mary Edith Reed

9/10/22        Villareal Abel West                               Executor Christian West

9/11/22        Moses Ledford, Jr.

9/13/22        Edna Earl Carroll                                  Executor Eddie Carroll

9/14/22        Richard James McCoy

9/24/22        Frances Adaline Taylor

9/25/22        Tommy Vaughn Huskey

9/26/22        Jonah Wolfe