Cherokee One Feather Spooky Poem winners

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Best Youth Poem (age 5 to 11)

“The Spooky New Friend” by Clarise Queen of Cherokee, N.C.

The spooky spider wants to play,

But the other spider’s say no way,

The spooky spider walks away,

Into the creepy woods on a cloudy day.


The spooky spider sits on a log,

Suddenly he is surrounded by fog,

What was that! A frog? A mog?

Oh my god, it’s Snoop Dogg!


Snoop Dogg said stay cool homie,

Those other spiders are bologna,

So you want to play or dance like a pony,

It’s your call, just you show me.


The spooky spider said how about tag,

Or we could play capture the flag,

Or I have cards in my bag,

True friends aren’t scared and they don’t nag.



Best Young Adult Poem (age 12 to 17)

“As Instructed” by Kaneya Simpson of Cherokee, N.C.


Same day I was sold

Pick that cotton I was told

Life as I knew it interrupted

I just did as instructed


From sunup to sundown

The crack of the whip the only sound

I worked those fields every day

Never got a cent of pay


Master’s wife had taken my side

Suffered abuse from the same empty eyes

She had a plan that would end it all

I laid awake listening for her call


She ordered me to take my Master’s gun

Just before the rise of the morning sun

Life as I knew it interrupted

I just did as instructed.



Best Adult Poem (age 18+)

“What’s That Word You Say?” By Lillie Palmer of Cherokee, N.C.


I see you standing there, with something dripping from your hair.

My heartbeat quickens, as the plot thickens.

Although you claim you’ve been alone, a second drinking glass makes itself known.

A pair of shoes by the door and your body language that seems so unsure.

What’s that word you utter? Something that you mutter…


I ask you various questions and even offer explanatory suggestions.

I’m only met with nervous glances and some incriminating circumstances.

You sit at the edge of the bed, waiting for those voices to stop, the ones inside your head.

You move to clean the knife that you used to “save” your life.

I thought your old habits had ceased and you had turned over a new leaf,

But then I heard that word again, the word you used back then.


I thought I could look past your mistakes, but I guess that’s not all a partnership takes.

I never could trust that you would make keeping your promise not to harm others, a must.

It’s been clear all along, based on our interests, we do not belong.

I tried to fix you, but you’ve always been drawn to do things that are looked down upon.

All of those poor souls you stole are now buried in a nameless hole.

That reminds me, what’s that word you say, the one you call your playthings? Prey.