SPEAKING OF FAITH: God cannot be stopped 

by May 8, 2020OPINIONS





“This is an Amazing and Glorious Day to worship our God.  Thank You for the Glory that is working strong and Your being here with us today, O God!” declared Pastor Melton in prayer.  (This is the theme for this year’s Virtual National Day of Prayer, May 7, petitioning God for our nation to be filled with the Glory of the knowledge of God.)

“Cherokee, (Qualla Boundary) placed on lockdown temporarily—for those who don’t live there, opens Saturday.  Our God is Unstoppable by anything in the world as we can still worship Him together in our homes by the means of technology.  We have those in Canada and even from Afghanistan who are still able to worship our Unstoppable God with us.

“Nothing in the cosmic heavens can stop Our God.  Lucifer, because of the great beauty he had, thought himself equal or greater than a worshipper of God.  He thought he was equal or greater than God.  It didn’t take longer than a second, since Jesus told us in His Word, ‘I saw him fall like lightning to the earth!’.  Can you see, as God reached down into the dirt beside where Lucifer landed on earth, He picked up a dirt clod and began to mould it into the body of a man?  Our God commands the waters, the land, the rain and all from Genesis to Revelation! The devil was no competition for our Unstoppable God.

“Joshua, leading the Israelites, and a man, prayed, asking God to stop the sun from going down so the Israelites could defeat their enemies.  God literally stopped the sun from going down, holding it frozen in place for 24 hours,”  Pastor Melton explained. “The Pharaoh of Egypt had thought to try and stop the Israelites from leaving Egypt, after they had been held in slavery there for over 400 years.  The Red Sea had been supernaturally set up in a heap by the very breath of God so the Israelites could leave Egypt on dry ground.  It collapsed only on the Egyptian army after the Israelites had hurried through.  The seawater ended up drowning those who thought to go through the same way to recapture God’s people.  Instead they showed us a fine example of Divine provision and protection, by our Unstoppable God.

“King Herod gave orders to kill all boy babies 2-years-old and younger, thinking to stop a child’s life, born to be a King.  After hearing what the three Wise Men had to say about the star they had seen in the East, Herod was unsuccessful against our Unstoppable God.

“Even the Word of God will never pass away, the Word is Unstoppable.  ‘Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but My Word will never pass away.’  In the feeding of the 5,000 men, not including women an children, Jesus gave God the Glory even for ‘not enough’ in thanking the Father for the five loaves and two small fish, which then kept multiplying until there was ‘more than enough’—twelve baskets full left.  Taxes need paying?  Jesus sent Peter to check the mouth of the first fish he caught for enough money to pay His and Peter’s taxes owed, gone fishing.  He’s Unstoppable.

“Multiple problems, like disease and finances, shown to us by the woman with an issue of blood, had twelve years of sickness and became broke paying the doctors.  It was all to no avail until she sought Jesus.  Problems are not unstoppable.

“Jesus was Unstoppably born and raised on earth.  Herod was stopped.

 “Then Job answered the LORD, and said, 

‘I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee…

“….Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”

Job 42:1-2, 6 (KJV)

“When the Pharisees and priests were offered the choice to have Barabbas released or Jesus, they chose Barabbas.  When asked what was to be done with Jesus, they began the chant, ‘Crucify Him.’   They chose Jesus on a cross, whipped with the Roman cat o’ nine tails—and death.  Jesus went to the cross.  Know that He willingly gave up His Life for you and me.  His seven statements from the cross ended as He said, ‘It is finished.’ —Not the words, ‘I am finished.’

“The devils must have rejoiced, but that party ended when they realized He’d already dismissed His Spirit, shown by the thrust of the Roman spear—mostly water mingled with Blood.)”

(This message to be continued in next edition.)

(Read Matthew 27:11-66)