Theme selected for 112th Cherokee Indian Fair scheduled for Oct. 1-5

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CHEROKEE, N.C. – The 112th Cherokee Indian Fair, a cherished tradition celebrating the rich heritage and culture of the Cherokee people, will be held from Oct. 1-5, at the Qualla Expo Center (old High School Site) in Cherokee, N.C. This year’s theme, “Adventures of Aniyvwiyah ‘The Principal People,’” aims to bring awareness and knowledge of the numerous adventures our ancestors endured and the triumphs we continue to achieve today.

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The theme, chosen by the community and won by Shoshoni West, highlights the significant journeys and milestones of the Cherokee people. From ancient times – crossing the seas, engaging in council meetings, hunting, and performing sacred ceremonies – to the pivotal moments of the Trail of Tears, and extending into modern-day achievements such as the establishment of the first casino, the creation of a constitution, overcoming the challenges of COVID-19, combating addiction, opening the Fire Mountain Trail, and launching new investments and projects. These adventures showcase that no matter the obstacles, the Cherokee people face them with pride and succeed. We are still here, thriving and evolving.

The Cherokee Indian Fair Committee has been diligently planning this year’s event, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. The fair will feature a variety of exhibits, stickball, pageants, entertainment, carnival rides, traditional foods, crafts, and community competitions, celebrating both the past and present adventures of the Cherokee people.

To drive interest in art and agriculture, this year’s Fair Exhibit Entry categories and prize values have been enhanced. Participants are encouraged to showcase their talents and compete for recognition and awards. The categories include traditional arts and crafts, contemporary art, agriculture, and more.

Join in celebrating the enduring spirit and vibrant culture of the Cherokee people. The 112th Cherokee Indian Fair promises to be an event filled with history, pride, and community spirit. For more information and updates on event details, please visit the official event website:

Contacts for Exhibit Entry:

  • Extension Center: Tammy Jackson, (828)788-0878; Chumper Walker, (828)788-2356
  • Qualla Arts & Crafts: Vicki Cruz, (828)226-4275


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