SPEAKING OF FAITH: People’s Fear Factor, Devil’s Only Real Weapon

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Matthew 18:15-20

Any devil’s only real authority over people is not in what a demon can actually do to them, but it’s, more about the effect the demon, through some diabolical deception, or scheming ruse, or plan, which can have on a person in either allowing it or in doing something themselves.

The main way used by demons is by introducing fear and/or sin into any given situation by the means of simple questions and/or suggestions.  “Hath God said…?”  Or “Did you see that person’s look?”  “What did they really say…?” Or anything which could bring a person into a state of confusion, doubts of God’s Love or Goodness, causing fear to manifest.

When the devil comes after anyone, it could be even as a sickness or disease in one’s body.  (Many of us know God has never made anyone sick—even in the Book of Job—God only allowed that as a testing challenge.  I also see it was the enemy who wanted to come along and do this.  God told him, “You can go this far, and that far, only.”  God did not do it.  Sickness only comes from hell, yeah, and the sin nature can also bring in its own tortures to a person.)

Even if it was by some “natural” means, like a cold or a strep throat, the flu and the like, we can all still blame it on the devil, who also still has to convince a person they are sick.  He also has to try and convince a person that they must remain sick.  Right away, the demon has to attack the faith of one who is a Christian and their ability to get well.

(It’s not the Amoxicillin or whatever they give you in those Z Packs, I don’t go there for that.  Here’s what I do.  I just read out loud to the Lord, from the healing Scriptures which anyone can find there in His Word.  I begin to pray those from the Word.  God begins to heal, Amen.  I just won’t allow the enemy to attack my faith.)

(Do we realize, yet, that if the enemy can convince a person they are going to be sick, their own faith is strong enough to drive that sickness deep down inside them?  It is faith which can work towards the good or the bad.  Listen, I’m trying to help everyone.  Don’t ever try to tell the devil that faith can only do good.  No, I’ve met people that had more faith in poverty than they did that their bills were going to get paid.)

(Thankfully, that isn’t God.  I’ve met people who had more faith in sickness than they did God.  By the words coming out of their own mouths, we’ve heard people say, “Well, I guess this is going to kill me… “.

(“I’ve been praying that God’s going to give me all my hair back, Pastor chuckled, come on, it’s going backwards right there…”I tried to explain this to the Lord the other day, “It’s got to stop.  Amen.  I’d like to keep my hair.”)

(Yes, now back to the enemy.  I’ve got a reason for saying all of this.  The enemy uses a “bait” in order to take you off the pathway and drive you down a path you don’t want to be on.  One of those pathways that the enemy likes to try, is “offense.”  Yes, because some people are just so easily offended.  Yes, and thankfully we’re not.  It’s not a big deal here and perhaps one might ask, “Why not?”  It’s because we preach about all kinds of good things, and I’m wanting to show today how best to deal with offense, how to get over it, and with a new law, when one gets offended.  Look at Verses 15-20.

It’s amazing that the Word of the Lord gives us a way to deal with offense, right?  The first thing is one goes to them.  How many know that a lot of times offense comes and the individual never intended to offend anyone.  Right?  Have you ever run into that?  This would be like, “So sorry, I didn’t even know I did anything wrong.”  How many have had someone else come up and never even know that anything had happened.  Jesus said, if you go to the person, one could work it out easy enough and then it would be over with and done.  Praise God.  I’m glad when that happens.  Then it has been dealt with, and we would all be getting another brother, or at least a new brother.  How many of you could be happy having a new, good brother?  I’m glad we’re family.  I’m glad you’re my brothers and my sisters, right?  That’s good because every now and then, one just needs some help.  Sometimes we need a friend or somebody to talk to.

(To be continued…)