SPEAKING OF FAITH: Lead us ‘By Still Waters…’

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Joshua 1:8-9; Proverbs 7:1-3.

When asked to set up a counseling session, I always ask that person what Scripture verse or verses they have been standing on in their prayer time.   They can always be found in His Living Word.

We are to make our demands based on what we find is declared in His Word we can have, and what He has said He is giving to us.  If a person wants to start a business, we should learn what’s needed.  Don’t beg for it—declare it, so God knows they know what is to be required of them as seeker.  Declare it for the Word of God is given to all who believe Him for it.  The Word of God belongs to each person following His leading.  What He has said one can have.  They should also know they have to obey His Word and one’s demand actually pulls on the Anointing.

God is able to show up and fulfill all wants and desires.   A person can even ask Him to, ‘make us hungry to hear Your answers, until we want no more.’    Spend time in conversation with God, expecting Him to answer the questions.  God is able to do this.  He is able to tell or show us.  He may even just want to talk with us!   Is there a heartache He wants to help us get over, first?  Only the person can determine how much of Jesus is wanted by them.   It should be more and more!  If God gives one a revelation, it actually grants the person the permission to ask for it.  He may tell a person things nobody else knows or believes.

Jeff McKinney, the man recently raised from the dead, has begun a ministry now, called ‘Dead Men Walking, in New York City.  Let God do something for all seekers!   Is someone else hungry for God to show up with a Plan for their life?   Time is short.   Demand will not take less.  He declares that we keep His Words, keep His commandments which are written on the heart.  No lies, for the very powerful pictures of Jesus as Lord were given us in the Old Testament.

Know what This Word of Life, The Holy Bible says, so that a person can agree with the Word.  Know that these days are the Days of Noah, (Anakim) just as Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24.   This Word in Revelation is more “powerful than any two-edged sword.”    The Church is to be the Most Blessed.  These days are shown to be as days of evil, ones that give us, not what we deserve, but what He has promised if one knows enough to place a demand on it.  Stand on it.  Get only what you deserve and only what He has said you can have!

There was time when a flu, known as the Black Death, was attacking all the people we were with in Florida.  (I’d already declared I don’t have to get sick.)  I had already been declaring this and I never quit.  What does Scripture say?  Despite beginning to display some symptoms of the disease, in faith, I began declaring I did not have it.  I kept reading all the healing Scriptures out loud—at least 120 of them.  After three hours, declaring I did not have it—six hours, then eight hours, and also declaring that ‘faith comes by hearing’, I began to feel that faith was arising, It was a demanding only, until the twelfth hour when the fever actually broke.  It had taken twelve hours, but everyone else had it for a week!  After I had preached a service that day, the fever tried to return, and with faith garnered, I said, “O, no you don’t!”  It lasted maybe 45 seconds that second try, then left and never came back!   We placed a demand on the anointing and there was a mighty move of God in that service.  God is still God—He even shines better when there is a ‘darkness hovering’.

So, I can declare, “He is a Big God.  He is Who He said He is!”  To be ready today, we aren’t waiting ‘on the sweet by-and-by,’ for He’s ‘the Now-and- Now!’  Obey Him, and in humility speak what’s needed into the world.  Become that Word.  As days get darker, we need more of the Glory of You, Lord, to see every plan of the enemy comes to nothing.  ‘No weapon…’  so unbelief is replaced with faith in You, burdens are laid down…