Bids, RFPs, etc.

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The bids, RFPs, and other notices shown here are the same ones appearing weekly in the printed One Feather.  They will be updated each week as the paper comes out.

(Updated Week of Dec. 8-14, 2016)

Requests for Proposal
For: Technical Assistance of writing for the DOE FOA: DE-FOA-0001660 grant Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Cherokee Commerce Division
EBCI Commerce Division At ATTN: Dr. Michael N. Duvall, M.P.A., Ph.D.,
810 Acquoni Road, Cherokee, NC 28719,, 828-359-6710 Or At EBCI Commerce Division, ATTN: Cameron Cooper, 810 Acquoni Road, Cherokee, NC 28719,, 828-359-6713
Until December 22rd, 2016 at 11:00am Eastern Time
The EBCI is interested in pursuing a clean energy system on a community scale. According to FOA, this system is required to have a minimum of 250kW while providing a substantial percentage of the total community energy load, affecting no less than 3 buildings. The EBCI would like to create a solar farm to accomplish these goals for the purpose of selling electricity production back to the area, and possibly provide energy to offset electricity costs of our casino or tribal government buildings.
The EBCI is interested in contracting with a company to assist in writing this grant. Once a company is chosen and upon receiving the contract, said company will be retained to provide implementation of the solar farm and tracking of the project, if the EBCI is successful and receives grant DE-FOA-0001660. Upon receiving the DOE grant, the EBCI will contract with the assisting company to implement the solar farm and is also requesting that said company track the performance of the solar farm per the FOA guidelines.