LETTER: Inspiring people to care again

by Feb 15, 2016OPINIONS0 comments


They say voters are increasingly apathetic. However, across America they are pouring their time, energy, and money into helping. From rooftop fundraisers in NYC to comedy shows in Asheville, grassroot events are sparking a revolution in civic participation.

The unlikely catalyst is the independent senator from Vermont: Bernie Sanders. Many, myself included, are phone banking, canvassing, and donating for the first time to help him become the next president of the United States.

Sanders is the highest-rated senator at 83 percent support because he offers pragmatic solutions and a consistent and clean record. He resonates across the political spectrum and won 72 percent of independents in the New Hampshire primary creating the record breaking win of 60.4 percent of the democratic vote.

His campaign is 100 percent funded through millions of small donations which allow him to reject all special interest Super PACs. After the victory in New Hampshire, voters donated a collective $7,100,000!

Like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bernie seeks a modern ‘New Deal’ creating jobs, regulating Wall Street, taking big money out of politics, and strengthening many of our current systems, such as Social Security, to better serve the American people.

Check out the candidate’s official websites to learn more about his goals and how he will pay for them. After researching, voters are finding that Bernie Sanders quickly shifts to their first choice. North Carolina’s primary is March 15. I’ll be there to cast my vote for Bernie and hope you will too!


Gavin Huskey

Birdtown Community