LETTER: Reader wants to see police reports, follow-up stories  

by Apr 13, 2015OPINIONS0 comments


I would like to see Cherokee Police Department’s arrest reports in the One Feather every week. By doing that, it would let all the communities know who was arrested and why. It would also let all the communities know who the arresting officer was and would show the communities that the officers are doing their job.

One more thing I would like to see in the One Feather is follow-up stories. For example, I would like to see an update on the story about the woman who ran off with her children. I believe the One Feather had that story in the paper two different times. Tell us about the missing kids. Let all the communities know that they found the children or that the children are still missing with their mother. And, do a follow up on the arson suspect in the fire on Mount Noble. I believe this to be very important matters to be followed up on. If you had something in the One Feather about the arson again, then someone might remember seeing a person, truck or a car behaving suspiciously on the night of the arson.

There are two ways that criminals get caught the most. One, is the communities helping the police out. If the police didn’t get the help of the people in the communities, the police wouldn’t catch many of the criminals. The second way is when a criminal talks too much, especially when he believes he got away with it. The criminal might brag to their friends or to the wrong person.

I hope to see the Cherokee Police Department’s arrest reports and to see some follow-up stories in the One Feather. Has there been any arrest made in the case of that woman burning up in her car in Big Cove?


Brandon Taylor