Thank you from Libby Climbingbear

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This is a belated thank you to everyone that contributed to the fundraiser for me. To all of you who helped prepare the meals, donated supplies, food or time, I sincerely thank you. To all of those of you who lifted me up in prayer, or had me added to prayer lists thank you. A special thanks to my husband Chip, daughters Kayla, Johanna, Indica and their families, my son Travis and his family. My sisters Pat and Suzie and all those who come by to show their support. To my best friend Gail Clawson, who came by to check on my, and especially to Brother Jenks and Brother Mills for coming and administering my healing. Thank you to Donald Clawson Jr. and the other EMTs who transported me to the Harris. To all of the doctors and nurses who provided me with care, may God bless you all.

If I have forgotten to include anyone, please forgive me. At some point in time, I remember you all. Thanks to Tony Wolfe and Joe Wolfe for adding me to the prayer list and continuing to lift me up in prayers. May our Heavenly Father bless you and keep you ministering to others and lifting them up. Again, thank you to everyone that touched my life during these trying times. Last but not least, thank you to my Heavenly Father for his blessings.

With thanks and love,

Libby Climbingbear

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