LETTER: Why more girls should join Roller Derby

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I think more girls should join roller derby because it’s fun, healthy, and helps you in many different ways. What’s better than skating, wearing crazy outfits, and having the time of your life?! My derby team, the Lil’ Nemesisters, and I encourage you to join derby.

Roller derby is a fantastic workout. It’ll help get your muscles and cardiovascular system in shape, and it will help with your self-esteem.  That feeling you get when you finally master a skill, such as speed skating, you have been working on for ages is awesome, and the feeling of accomplishment and high self-esteem go hand-in-hand.

Derby helps with focus and quick-thinking tremendously, because derby is a quick sport. It also clears your mind, especially after a bad day.

Two things you probably think of first when you think of roller derby are the names and the outfits.  The best derby names involve play on words, involve something the girls are interested in, and are intimidating. You can be original with the clothing which is usually bright and fun.

In conclusion, roller derby is a fantastic girls sport. Not only is it fun, but it’s healthy! For more information on joining my junior derby team, the Lil’ Nemesisters, contact Mary Smith “Natural Disaster”, at (828)371-6252, via text or call. If your mom is interested in derby, have her contact the same number to join the Smoky Mountain Roller Girls. The Lil’ Nemesisters welcome you, future roller girl!


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