LETTER: So much to be thankful for…thanks to all!

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Just wanted all to know that Mother is doing quite well! She had her big 94th birthday this past spring. She had a party at the Senior Center. Thanks to our tribe and council for the staff and services afforded our elders.

For Mother’s day, Mom won the “Oldest Mother” at Cherokee Baptist! She was thrilled! We miss our dear friend, Glen Reed.

Greetings to our Methodist Church family on Soco. Bless you all!

The Elders’ Day Celebration at the Casino was great fun this year. A (belated) thank you to all involved.

We attended the 10th anniversary of the Cherokee Preservation Foundation and celebrated its good works. Susan Jenkins and staff do important work. Congrats on your retirement and congrats to Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle as her replacement.

Accolades to our local Native American Indian Women’s Association and their constant presence at many events on the rez. They are dear to our hearts. Congratulations on the honor of hosting the National Conference this past year. (Mother is the oldest living founding member.)

We were saddened by the parting of our good friends, Betty Dupree and Walker Calhoun. Our prayers to their families and friends.

We attended the Joint Council of the EBCI, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and Keetowah Nation. It was a grand reunion with dear friends from Oklahoma as well as seeing our own council members involved in common precedents.

One more “thanks” to Dawn Arneach and the Shell Carving Class sponsored by CPF.

Congratulations to Mary Gloyne Wachacha and her recent retirement. Mary has contributed greatly to our National Native Health Programs across Indian Country.

Thank you CIH, the entire staff, Dr. Toedt, Victoria Harlan and the pharmacy for the help with Mother’s health care.

We are thankful for the well-being of Mother! If anyone would like to contact her (which she would LOVE), her address is: 3086 Dallas Bluff Rd. NE, Townsend, GA 31331 or farencrews@yahoo.com



Faren Crews