Thank you from Jr. Miss contestant Samantha Cole

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I would like to thank the following people that helped me get through this year’s pageant.

I would like to start with Cherokee Boys Club Printing Dept.(Trista Welch) my signs were beautiful, Pageant Hills Motel (Mark Moreland) thanks for everything you do, I really appreciate you, Tunney Crowe and Jim Owle for helping with the candy for the parade, Heather Driver for making my woven belt it turned out really pretty, Darrin Bark for my beautiful clans necklace, I will take good care of this.  My momma Sue Long for making all my outfits you always make me what I want and I love you so much and thanks for the candy too, thanks Aldo for your contribution to.  Henry Welch thanks for all that you do.  To my mom and dad thanks for everything you do to make it happen for me.  I love you very much. Thanks Granny and Poppy Cunningham for all that you do.  Thank the Lord above for getting me through it, even though I messed up, I still had the courage to get back out and finish what I started with a little help from mom and Shadow pushing me to finish. I would like to thank Shadow, Rosie, Callie, Jacob, Hope, mom and dad for helping with my talent portion.  Thank you to all the contestants for voting for me, I had a great time just practicing with you guys.  Hope you decide to run again so we can have fun again.  Last thank you, to the pageant board and all the coordinators, thanks for taking the time to practice with us to make it a lovely show.


Samantha Cole

Jr. Miss Cherokee pageant 2012  Miss Congeniality