Obama has worked for Native Americans

by Oct 24, 2012OPINIONS0 comments

Native Americans have had few friends in the White House, but in recent history Native Americans have had no better advocate then President Obama.

“One Who Helps People Throughout the Land”, his adopted Crow name, is symbolic of how seriously he is committed to taking action on Indian issues. He included $3 Billion in stimulus money directly targeted for Indian Country. It included money for job creation, renovation of schools, improved health services, police, and improved housing.

The Affordable Care Act signed into law in March of 2010, permanently authorized the Indian Health Care Improvement Act. This comprehensive health care service will directly help 1.9 million Native peoples to receive better health care.

The Obama administration has provided $300 million dollars for Tribal controlled Colleges and Universities, and has promoted Native Language restoration.  An Annual White House Tribal Nations Conference has been held every year since President Obama took office, and he has appointed a Native American as Senior Policy Advisor for Native American Affairs.

In the fight to renew the Violence Against Women Act, the President insisted that tribal authorities be given the right to arrest any person who commits domestic violence on a reservation, even a non native.

Some Native Americans have done very well recently, but not all.  Many Native people still live in third world conditions. What this President has done for them is life changing. President Obama deserves your support. Your vote can make a difference for all Native Americans.


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