Food Pantry gets much-needed Donations

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The Food Pantry in Cherokee was getting low on food so the Tribal Benefits Program decided to help out by soliciting donations from vendors and Tribal employees participating in last week’s Open Benefits Enrollment program. 

Over twenty boxes and bags of food were collected for the EBCI Food Pantry during this week's Open Enrollment Benefits program hosted by the EBCI Tribal Benefits Program. (Photo by Scott McKie B.P./One Feather)

“We knew it was low,” said Jane Blankenship with the Benefits Program.  “So, we decided to have the food drive in conjunction with the Open Enrollment program.” 

Over twenty boxes and bags of food were given to the Food Pantry on Wednesday, Nov. 17 as a result of the food drive.  

“We get minimum funds to keep it going,” Barbara Jones, an employee at the Food Pantry, said of their program.  “Most of it really comes from donations.” 

Ashley Hood works with Willis, a company providing outside benefits consulting, and was on hand during the Open Enrollment Program.  “Our company likes to do something for Christmas each year,” she said of Willis’ donation to the Food Pantry.  “We decided to make it part of our Christmas project as well.” 

For more information about the Food Pantry, contact Leslie Lossiah 497-6092.