Cherokee hosts Community Garden Awards

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The Cherokee Youth Council took 2nd place in the Teen Group Vegetable Garden contest at the 2010 Cherokee Community Garden Awards held Tuesday night. Shown left-rigtht: Vice Chief Larry Blythe, Ashley Bottchenbaugh and Shakyra Bottchenbaugh. (Photo by Dawn Arneach/One Feather)

The EBCI Cooperative Extension Office hosted the 2010 Cherokee Community Garden Awards at the Birdtown Recreation Center on Tuesday, Sept. 7.  A total of 68 adult gardens and 20 youth gardens were judged.   Seventeen  youth gardens and three youth group gardens were judged. 

According to the EBCI Cooperative Extension Office, this is the highest number of participants ever in the youth garden contest.  Ever garden judged grew seeds obtained from the Chief’s Garden Kit program. 

Youths were six communities were judged including: Big Y, Birdtown, Cherokee County, Snowbird, Towstring and Yellowhill. 

Following are the winners in the various age groups in the Youth Garden Contest:
Vegetable Garden (13-15)
1st – Harleigh Parker, Cherokee County
2nd – Gabriel Crowe, Big Y
3rd – Madeline Welch, Birdtown
Vegetable Garden (10-12)
1st – Fabian Crowe, Big Y
2nd – Jacob Long, Towstring
Vegetable Garden (6-9)
1st – Zacches Watty, Yellowhill
Vegetable Garden (5&younger)
1st – Josh Bridges, Towstring
2nd – Jalen Motola, Birdtown
3rd (tie) – Fernando Moreno, Jr., Snowbird and Myleah Matthews, Towstring
Flower Garden (13-15)
1st – Gabriel Crowe, Big Y
2nd – Harleigh Parker, Cherokee County
Flower Garden (10-12)
1st – Fabian Crowe, Big Y
Flower Garden (5&younger)
1st – Autumn Greene
2nd – Noah Watty, Yellowhill
Sisters and Brothers Vegetable Gardening Team
1st – Alyna Morgan and Ethan Crowe, Birdtown
2nd – Shaylyne and Patyn Barker, Towstring
Youth Group Vegetable Garden
1st – Snowbird Youth Center
Teen Group Vegetable Garden
1st – Cherokee Youth Center
2nd – Cherokee Youth Council

 Following are the winners in the various adult garden categories:

Big Cove
Senior Elder vegetable garden
1st – Sallie Bradley
Senior Elder Flower garden
1st – Sallie Bradley
Flower garden
1st – Geraldine Walkingstick
2nd – Sadie Bradley
Elder Vegetable garden
1st – Amy Thompson
2nd – Quincey Watty
Market Vegetable garden
1st – Sam Watty
Organic Vegetable garden
1st – Bernice Bottchenbaugh
Family garden
1st – Walker Calhoun
Vegetable garden
 1st – David Bradley
2nd – Tom Bradley
3rd – Tommy Bradley
4th – Vita Nations.

Big Y
Vegetable garden

 1st – Charlotte George
2nd – Donald Brown
Flower garden
1st – Charlotte George
2nd – Reva Brown

Elder Vegetable garden

 1st – Robert Owle
2nd – Larry Haigler
3rd – Laverne Land
Elder Flower garden
1st – Laverne Land
Vegetable garden
1st – Roy Lambert
2nd – Tara McCoy
Family Vegetable garden
1st – Danny Owle
Educational garden
1st – Kathy Paul, Cherokee Dialysis Center
Landscape & Flowers
1st – Nancy Brown

Cherokee County
Elder Vegetable garden

1st – Fred Lunsford
2nd – Gertrude Kilpatrick
Elder Flower garden
1st – Fred Lunsford
Vegetable garden
 1st – Irene Mathis
2nd – Holt Palmer
3rd – Louise Davenport
Flower garden
1st – Irene Mathis
2nd – Louise Davenport

Vegetable garden
1st – Jerome Wachacha

3200 Acre Tract
Vegetable garden
1st – Eugene Howard

Tow String
Elder Vegetable garden

1st – Ray Lambert
Elder Flower garden
1st – Ray Lambert
Vegetable garden
1st – Gladys Cochran
2nd – Luke Green
Family garden
1st – Robert Mathews
Flowers & Landscape
1st – Ancil Crutchfield
2nd – Melissa Barker

Vegetable garden

1st – Betty Dupree
2nd – Glen Reed
3rd – Valerie Bowman
4th – Kevin Jackson
Raised Bed Vegetable garden
1st – Jean Parker
2nd – John Rose
Family garden
1st – Barry Reed
2nd – Bill Kanott
Organic Vegetable garden
1st – Harold & Nancy Long
Organic Berries & Fruit
1st – Harold & Nancy Long
Flower garden
1st – Vickie Reed
2nd – Claudette Long

Elder Vegetable garden
1st – Wilbur Paul
2nd – Ella Lossiah
Vegetable garden
1st – Bill Smith
 2nd – Johnnie Sue Myers
3rd – Robert Taylor
Raised Bed garden
1st – Lynne & Ernie Lossiah
Vegetables & Flowers garden
1st – Peggy Kerbow

Tribal Farms, Kituwah & Coopers Creek Farms
Vegetable garden
1st – Marion Thompson
2nd – Arthur Hicks
3rd – Sue & Charles Green
4th – Carroll Crowe
1st time Gardeners
Cameron Cooper and his dad