SPEAKING OF FAITH: Be healed and made whole…

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)          

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Mark 6:45, 53-56.

We should not be afraid of any virus when Jesus resides within our hearts. God is still God. He is to be everything to us. He knows every language. God is a “whole” God, and He is our Creator. He already knows each of us inside and out and nothing can be hidden from Him.

He’s made it known that there is a process to go through to get from point “A” to point “B” in our lives. We should actually enjoy the journey, knowing it is the process. It’s in the going through anything necessary to go through, which makes us stronger. It’s more the struggle that actually makes us grow into a stronger person than to go through everything just as we’ve planned.  Jesus has told us its why life surely “rains on the just and the unjust.”

The disciples of Jesus by then knew who He was, that He was the very Son of God. As the disciples were told earlier that they were to go to Bethsaida, they left as was planned. They set out to go, but soon found the winds blew contrary to their winding up there and instead ended up with them landing near Gennesaret.

Their plans had been changed as they encountered Jesus, walking on the water near them. The disciples still had to be told not to be afraid. The people at Gennesaret knew immediately that Jesus was there and brought everyone who was sick, spiritually, and physically, to Him so they could be healed just by touching His garment. As verse 56 tells us they were not only healed but made whole. This meant that no matter the problem, they were each healed and made whole as they reached out to touch Him. Shouldn’t we now all be reaching out to touch Him? Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. So many times, the Scripture tells us, that He healed them all.

His disciples must have realized that even when forced to make a detour, it could be turned into a blessing by Him. It could always end up being a blessing for others, not just for themselves. He can take us where we need to go, not just for ourselves, but for those who may have greater needs, if we are willing, and can muster a good attitude. Just like the Israelites ended up having to cross a sea in order to get to the Promised Land.  It actually makes us more balanced and more whole or even a better person as we make any good, extra effort to be a blessing.

If a person has no relationship with Jesus, how will they have heard Him say He can touch them and make them whole, even when sin has been their problem? So many in the Church have only known about Him, but have not really gotten to know Him, personally.

(Pastor Melton has told us how he was so glad as he began a job working in a Christian homeless shelter for a time. However, so many of the homeless got healed, delivered, and set free, they were actually able to leave the shelter and make lives for themselves.  In fact, so many were able to leave, that the money funded them by the shelter’s headcount, began drying up as more and more were delivered and set free. They actually fired him from working there, and for working so diligently to make their people “whole”, too. The people had found Jesus with their whole hearts. Pastor still rejoices for them.)

We can always ask God for food, for bread, for whatever is right, but have we touched Him?  God does that, maybe before one figures out what His Will would be in a matter. It should make every person love Him even more. Loving always increases Love.

In Jesus’ days here on earth, the people began to lay their sick in the streets where He’d be walking. Later, the disciples were sought as people soon realized the sick were made whole, because they were given His Authority, too. We should now be realizing our detours are not just for us. Whatever blesses them can bless us, too. Every time we end up having to go off course, it may have been no accident. In between our plans and what actually happens, may have set them free.  Jesus is in and with us. Reach out and touch Him so we can help in making others whole, too.