SPEAKING OF FAITH: Come with great expectations 

by Oct 30, 2020OPINIONS





As Pastor Melton began, “The problem with the Church in today’s world is we seem to be coming to see only the dead pews. Maybe we’re coming to greet a few people, leave an offering, listen to the music, or listen to the preaching.  Are we really hearing what the man of God may say, and still leaving without any answers?  Are we expecting nothing more?  Don’t we expect to see and hear from God at His House?  God is able.  Have we shown up with our expectations?

“God is able to show up, and if asked, will be there.  God is always willing.  He is  our Creator.  Have we any questions, needs, hopes, anything to ask of Him?  Why not?  What attracts His attention to you?  We all have needs and requests.  He always hears us when we pray, but we need to listen for, see, or wait for His answers to show up, don’t we?  (Read Ephesians 3:20).

Now read Mark 10:46-52 and see what you may not have seen before. 

“You are not reading a fairy tale, you are reading what Jesus did.  When Jesus came to town, the lame would walk, the deaf would hear, the dead would be raised!Notice though, when Jesus came to Jericho, he entered the town, but in gathering a throng of people who clearly came only ‘to see the show,’ Jesus left it, until one man had called out His Name, ‘Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy.’”

“If you are one who has no desire to see, don’t worry, He won’t press Himself on you.  Not championing His Name, He left me as I am until I had asked Him for more.  Jesus, in going into His own hometown heard, them faithlessly say, ‘It’s just Jesus.  We know his brothers and sisters.’  Even Jesus could do no mighty works there with their having no faith.”

“Please note:  ‘Life will not give you what you deserve, it will only give you what you demand!’  

Pastor Melton emphasized, “Get hungry again, just say, ‘Jesus, You are the One who heals me!  I refuse to let You go until Your healing of me.’  We must ask for something.  Get desperate enough!  Get alone with God and make a demand!  The Church used to be known as the ‘hospital where people got healed,’ why isn’t it now?  People need to be asking.”

“Blind Bartimaeus sat begging for alms.  When he heard it was Jesus of Nazareth passing by, he cried out loudly, ‘Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me.’  He was told by many to hold his peace.  But, he cried out more loudly,  ‘Thou son of David, have mercy.’  Nothing happens without a sound, nothing powerful happens.  God rides on a sound.  Jesus heard him calling and stopped, commanding those around Him to help him come.  Blind Bartimaeus rose up and cast off his garment which designated him as a blind beggar.  (He already had to know he would never need it again).”  

“Jesus asked him, ’What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?’”

“Lord, that I might receive my sight,” the blind man answered Him. 

Added Pastor Melton, “Be selfish about getting enough and overflow as many will show up just to see Him show up.  God shows up to see what you need, asking us, ‘What can I give them today?’”  

“The blind man knew who Jesus was, and he had no fear of stumbling or falling since he knew everything would be changing for him.   The blind man knew he had to ask Jesus specifically.  There was no stopping, no excuses, he cast off his garment, he answered Jesus, ‘I want my sight.’

Jesus said, “Go thy way and be whole.  Your faith has made you whole.”

Pastor Melton also explained, “Very few ever just let Jesus be Lord!  We need to understand each person plays a very big part in what they get.  We absolutely need to do our part so He can do His.  The only thing anyone needs to exercise is their faith.  In Acts 3:3-16, this is a key to the Kingdom of God, and another example of a healing by faith in His Name. 

“Peter and John going to the Temple daily noticed at the gate, a man who was lame (from birth).  He had fastened his eyes upon them, with faith, expecting alms.  Faith is what you do, and act on it.  He did, he leapt up, having felt the strength in his feet! (Ephesians 6:7b-8). Hallelujah!