SPEAKING OF FAITH: Build your faith 

by Oct 23, 2020OPINIONS





“I’ve noticed of late, that many more folks seem to be going through some things.  There are issues which have run them into roadblocks, or pitfalls. Others seem to be downtrodden, broken-hearted, and struggling just to get by.   Many are wondering if they are going to make it, Christians, too?”  added Pastor Melton.  

“The Lord began to deal with me.  The Church believes in and loves God, but when all these things start happening, all of a sudden, it’s as if all the faith we’ve been building together, goes.  Its like we each have to start over in building our faith.  We believe until we get sick, or all of a sudden, we find we are broke, or children are having issues.  The thought comes, ‘I hope God can fix this.’   

“I’m here to tell you this morning, He’s still God!  Our God is able and He has a plan.  God is still the same.  Could it mean that your praise wasn’t in your heart, only in your mouth?  His Words are health and they are Life!  Are you asking, as Jesus’ cousin John asked, ‘Should we look for another?’”

Read Matthew 11:1-30

“Let’s look at John the Baptist, the last of the Old Testament prophets, and what Jesus said about John to the crowd there with Him.  Jesus had received John’s question from John’s own followers.  Weren’t verses 4-5 a Grace-filled way for Jesus to have answered his question?  In verses 4-5, as Jesus spoke, although truthfully, He still  gently chided him. Jesus, seeing John’s heart, was able to bless John even while letting John know, his heart and faith should always remain with and in Jesus.  The way Jesus responded to him, let John understand what Jesus knew, and should later even help John in forgiving himself for his own doubts. In verses 7-15, Jesus had also let John know, indirectly, what they both had come to know already.  John was the messenger sent before Jesus, to prepare the world for Jesus’ coming and His mission.  What Jesus quoted from Scripture, told them each, they would soon both be facing their own physical limitations…and deaths.   

“Remember, too, from this, to prepare your own testimony as we are each to know and reveal our assignments’ progress.  Be careful always of the words spoken to others and to yourself.  Too many times, we may have been rehearsing our problems to others instead of rehearsing and relating all our victories.  God has a purpose and a plan for our lives.  They are all written down in Heaven’s books.  Ask Him what yours is if you don’t know yet.

“Our God is the One Who is able to keep us, ready to save us, for He has already seen our futures.  Glory to God!  Keep your own eyes open and watch as He may do a mighty thing, just to help you.  Your testimony may be, ‘There He was and He saved me twenty-four hours before He fixed it!  He prays for us even if ‘we are all torn up from the floor up and in trouble.’  Any crisis—Matthew 11:29-30 and In Matthew 6:6-9. The Lord’s Prayer, is given.  It’s going to be all right!  Go to peace, having faith in God and trust God even in the night.  You can sleep well, as He is there.  ‘He neither slumbers nor sleep.’

“Do the blind see?  Do the deaf hear?  Are the sick made well?  Are the poor made rich?  Are the lepers healed?  Are the dead raised?  These are the questions Jesus answered.  Can we answer these as He did and said we could, in Him with faith believing?  He trusted God, so why don’t we even more now?  He also said in Verse 6, Blessed is he who doesn’t get offended in Jesus.  (They are the ones who ask, ‘How could Jesus let me go through this?’). If a life is out of control, He said, Come unto me and I will give you rest.’  Praise and mirror how good Jesus is.  Many times in Scripture, He said, Stand still and see the Goodness of the Lord, see the salvation of the Lord.’  

“Lord, the enemy is raging, the storms are violent in our lives, and it’s about to get worse.  Your Love is enough for a plan with the ultimate steps of open communication with You.  “Outside of You, there is no hope, no joy.  Protect us with Your hedge of protection surrounding us.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen.