SPEAKING OF FAITH : Grace and peace are multiplied by knowing Jesus 

by Oct 9, 2020OPINIONS





“I want to bring to you this morning what the Lord has shared with me,” said Pastor Melton.  “God is in the process of doing a mighty work.  We all need to under-stand that in these last days, God is neither quiet nor powerless.  I believe Heaven is waiting on the sons of God to rise up, take their rightful place in the Earth, and to begin to declare the Truth of the Word of God to each city in which they live.  The Bible says, and I believe if you will take the time to look up into the heavens, ‘you will see that ‘the fields are white’ and ‘ready for harvest’ and that time is running out.  I believe that time is quickly running out.”

Read 2 Peter 1:1-11.   (And may the Lord add Blessing to His Word.)

“Now with that in mind, the Lord sent me here with His Word for you today.  This morning I want to deal with these verses.  There is so much here I want you to under-stand.  This was the Simon Peter, who was with Jesus for His ministry; who was with Him on the Mount of Transfiguration; who was in the boat fishing with Jesus; who we can also recall denied having been with Jesus, three times.  Peter did this while Jesus was in the throes of the greatest trials of His life.  This same Peter came, once he was filled with the knowledge of who Jesus really was, later became known as ‘the Father of the Church.’

“These very verses were written when Peter was growing older and he was coming to the end of his life.  Knowing this history, Peter was crucified like Jesus, except nailed upside down on his cross.  The reason he was crucified that way was because Peter so believed the message of the Gospel he preached, that he told those preparing to execute him, ‘I am not worthy to be crucified in the same manner in which Jesus was crucified’.

‘Peter, at the end of his life, also wanted to say some parting words to those within the Church, not only to them, but to speak them to you today, on how to be more like God, like our daddy.  He wants us all to know that Grace and Peace can be actually multiplied in our lives by getting to know Jesus personally, and better.  To really get to know Him, not just the knowing about Him, should be our goal.  The longer you are saved, the more you should really know who He is.

“How many of you realize, that if the Gospel of Jesus Christ were not true, that the Apostles themselves would not have given their lives for it?  They all, so believed it, they were willing to die.  In fact the Bible teaches me that every one of the Apostles would indeed be murdered, crucified or torn in someway or another.  The only exception was John, who wrote the actual revealing prophecy which became the last book of your Bible.  Read ‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him…” 

“However, John had to actually be banished to live out his days (he was about 90 at the time) alone on the island of Patmos, before he received the Vision which he saw and wrote down for us.  His would-be executioners, unsuccessfully, had tried to boil him in oil, but no matter how much wood they used, nor how hot the flames became, the oil had refused to boil! The Door had been closed to their accomplishing this, supernaturally, and so, no one would ever open it.  (God, Himself, was making sure that this book which He wanted to give all of us to read in the generations to come, would be envisioned and written down by John, for all of us. This Door has also now been opened so that no man can ever shut it to us.  Have you read this revelation of Jesus Christ for yourself?  There is a Blessing for you if you read it, and keep these things.)’’ 

“In other words, God will shut some things up that no one will be able to open.  He will open some things up in your life that no one, not even the forces of hell, can close to you.

“To be continued… God needs to be multiplied in your life.”