LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sad trick-or-treat event is cancelled

by Sep 23, 2019OPINIONS


From what I understand, the trick or treating night festival has been cancelled because of attendance or lack thereof. What say you about the children in the community who are unable to travel an hour plus away to treat or trick themselves? Are there no other community options for them or are they just not touristy enough? Children matter!

John Heineman

Bryson City

Editor’s note: In her Health Board presentation, Radonna Crowe, one of the planners for the event, stated that, after meeting with Community Club leadership, it was decided to suspend the community-wide trick or treat night in favor of each community doing their own event for children. While she did say that attendance at the community-wide event was down and provided supporting figures, she did not state that declining attendance was the reason for the suspension. She also indicated that getting volunteers for the event due to some community clubs holding their events simultaneously with the Cherokee Safe Trick or Treat Night. She indicated that that Community Clubs wanted to use the individually community events to promote participation and unity within the individual communities. In Crowe’s remarks, she said, “It’s not a bad thing”, referring to the individual clubs putting on the events instead of the community-wide event.