The One Feather welcomes cartoonist Jake Swimmer

by Jan 14, 2019OPINIONS


Jake Swimmer is a Native American cartoonist and graphic designer and enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. His comics are motivated by the observational humor and opinions derived from the Qualla Boundary and Indian Country. Swimmer’s art and drawings have been displayed in various forms across Cherokee and the surrounding areas. He has provided his graphic designs to various programs and functions. His most recent designs have been used for the Didanisisgi Pottery Festival, the National Native Health Research Conference, and a decal design that is worn on the helmets of the Western Carolina University football team during their annual EBCI recognition game. Swimmer is a graduate of Cherokee High School and Western Carolina University where he attended on an athletic scholarship for Cross Country and Track. Swimmer now resides in the Snowbird Community with his wife and three children where he is the Cherokee Language Specialist at Graham County Schools.