Musuem announces Writing Contest Winners

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The Museum of the Cherokee Indian has announced its winners in the First Annual Museum Writing Contest.  The first place winners will receive a swag bag from the Museum, everyone who placed will receive a certificate, and the Judge’s Choice winner will also receive a signed, autographed photo of Cherokee actress Delanna Studi who served as a special judge for the contest.

Other judges included: Dr. Barbara Duncan, Dr. Adam Blythe, Qualla Boundary Library Manager Robin Swayney, and Museum Box Office Manager Dawn Arneach.

The winning submissions will be on display in the lobby of the Museum for the first week of November in celebration of Native American Heritage Month.

Following is the winner’s list:

Adult Poems

1 – “You shall Sing” by Sarah Elizabeth Burkey You Shall Sing by Elizabeth Burkey

2 – “Afternoons in October” by Kaitlin Curtice Afternoons in October by Kaitlin Curtice

3 – “What it means to be Cherokee” by Tsenisi Wilnoty What it means to be Cherokee by Tsenisi Wilnoty

Adult Short Story

“No Tears in Heaven” by A.S. Tahquette No Tears in Heaven by A.S. Tahquette


High School Short Story

“The Boy with a Thousand Eyes” by Maleaha Brings Plenty The Boy with a Thousand Eyes by Maleaha Brings Plenty


Delanna Studi Judges Choice

“Afternoons in Autumn” by Kaitlin Curtice


– Museum of the Cherokee Indian