Pedestrian killed near casino in July

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Sheila Campos, age unknown, was killed after being hit by a car crossing the road in front of the Holiday Inn Express on Sunday, July 10 at around 9:53pm.  The Cherokee Indian Police Department released the official police report on this incident on Friday, Sept. 9.

According to CIPD officials, the case is closed and no charges will be filed on the driver of the car, Angel Ann Everett, of Sylva.

CIPD Patrol Officer Benjamin Murphy responded to the scene on July 10 and said he found Campos lying face down in the road.  “Sheila was unconscious and blood loss was apparent.”

The report says that witnesses stated she was hit by a green Hyundai Electra driven by Everett.  Officer Murphy interviewed Campos’ sister, Kathie Jackson, of Hartwell, Ga.  “Kathi (note: Kathie is spelled two ways in the report including with and without an ‘e’) stated that she and Sheila had been at the casino and were walking to the Stonebrook Lodge when a car came struck Sheila.  Kathi said they had been drinking and that Sheila had consumed about three beers and two mixed drinks without any meals in between from about 3:00pm that same day.”

According to the report, Jackson was given a portable breathalyzer test which came up at .05.  Everett was also given a breathalyzer test which came up at .00.  She, in turn, also passed a field sobriety test and horizontal gaze nystagmus test administered by Office Nick Wade “with no indicators of being under the influence of impairing substances”.

Jackson stated to Officer Murphy that herself and Campos “had been using a flashlight to flash drivers so they would see them crossing the road”.

In the report, Officer Murphy wrote, “Angel (Everett) stated that the light distracter her and he (she) turned her head to look at it and when she turned her attention straight forward again she struck Sheila with her car.”

The report also states that “the streetlight in front of the Stonebrook Inn was out making the street darker”.

Editor’s Note: The One Feather apologizes for the delay in reporting this incident to you. Through no fault of the One Feather and Cherokee Indian Police Department, approval for release of key information concerning this event was bound up in processes or lack of process for approximately two months. At all points during the process, the Cherokee Police Department was cooperative, responsive and expressed eagerness to provide the public with information, but non-specific delays stopped or slowed progress in getting the information to you. The One Feather feels that this information is important to the readership and, therefore, it is our responsibility per Cherokee Code to deliver this information expediently.