LETTER: Trump and Indians

by Jul 6, 2016OPINIONS0 comments


With Cherokee blood surging through my veins and as an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokees, I sit here this morning wondering how the USA government got by with carrying out atrocities against certain groups of the USA Americans.

In 1452, with the discovery of “the new world” the question arose whether Native Americans were truly human. Then, Pope Nicholas authorized King Alfonso V of Portugal to “attack and conquer pagans and, therefore, enemies of Christ wherever they may be found.”

With the realization that the Americas represented regions of the Earth with which the Europeans were not aware of earlier, there arose intense speculation over the question whether the natives of these lands were true humans or not. A substantial party of the North American conquerers believed that these newfound peoples were not truly human. This party speculated that since Christendom was not permitted by God to become aware of their existence and thus bring the Gospel to them until so late, it was only because they were not human or possessed no souls, so they could not attain salvation.

Therefore, the killing of upwards of 100 million of these newly discovered people was no crime, just like killing an animal.

So, is the past thinking the reason Donald Trump gets away with making fun of Native Americans? Maybe, because, just maybe, he is reflecting how many USA people feel, mainly Trump supporters.


Leonard Lambert

Pittsburgh, Pa.