Tribal Council Results – Thursday, May 5

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Item No. 1 – Controlled Substances Act (new ordinance) – WITHDRAWN


Item No. 2 – Tabled Ord. No. 227 Amendment to Section 50B Domestic Violence – DEEMED READ and TABLED


Item No. 3 – Protest of Res. No. 188 Joseph Arch Conseen Last Will and Testament – VOTED TO HEAR PROTEST IN FUTURE HEARING


Item No. 4 – Tabled Ord. No. 155 (2016) Cherokee Code Section 75-55 Editorial Board, amending make-up of Cherokee One Feather Editorial Board – WITHDRAWN


Item No. 5 – Parts of Section 75-2 Free Press Act be stricken from Cherokee Code – WITHDRAWN


Item No. 6 – Tabled Ord. No. 182 (2016) Section 14-25.20 Prohibition on the use of tobacco on or near Public Health and Human Services Property – WITHDRAWN


Item No. 7 – Tabled Ord. No. 183 (2016) Amending Chapter 48 – Adoption – PASSED


Item No. 8 – Tribal Council grant utility and road right-of-way to Francine Watty – HOLD


Item No. 9 – Janell Rattler requests that a referendum be held to split the Cherokee County – Snowbird communities into two separate voting precincts with each one electing a Council Representative – TABLED


Item No. 10 – Mutual Help Homes assigned – PASSED


Item No. 11 – Revision of Forest Management Plan and Environmental Assessment by EBCI Natural Resources – PASSED


Item No. 12 – Last Will and Testament of Anita Elaine Driver Eldwood (d) – PASSED


Item No. 13 – Last Will and Testament of Louisa Wachacha Grindstaff (d) – TABLED


Item No. 14 – Tribal Council recognizes the heirs of Flora Mae Kanott Smith (d) – PASSED AS AMENDED


Item No. 15 – Last Will and Testament of Bessie Marie Raper Dunn (d) – PASSED


Item No. 16 – Last Will and Testament of Edward Johnson Taylor (d) – PASSED


Item No. 17 – Last Will and Testament of Beatrice Edith Maney Carver (d) – PASSED AS AMENDED


Item No. 18 – Last Will and Testament of Bill J. Ledford (d) – TABLED AS AMENDED, Life Estate revoked for April Christian Zotecan Ledford


Item No. 19 – Tribal Council recognizes the heirs of Charles Edward Swayney (d) – PASSED


Item No. 20 – Tribal Council approves transfers to the Bessie Evelyn Owle (d) heirs without the signatures of John Dewitt Long and James Myron Long – HOLD


Item No. 21 – Tribal Council approves the transfer of Mutual-Help House to Arthur Hugh Roberts (d) – PASSED


Item No. 22 – Last Will and Testament of Arthur Hugh Roberts (d) – TABLED


Item No. 23 – Erik Sneed resolution re: TVA Floating Homes Guidelines – PASSED ON TUESDAY


Item No. 24 – Tribe calls on Congress for 10 percent of disbursements from the Crime Victims Fund to be directed to tribal governments in order to fund tribes and tribal government programs – HOLD


Item No. 25 – Authorization from Tribal Council to direct the Tribal Attorney General’s Office to draft an ordinance for a medical cannabis law – PASSED


Item No. 26 – Tribal Council research and work with appropriate persons/programs to make sure all electricity from Ollie Jumper Road have underground electricity to prevent further damage to mountainside – TABLED


Item No. 27 – Budget Amendment, Police Department Corrections, addition of one new position known as Jail Administrator ($27,971) – PASSED


– Compiled by Scott McKie B.P./One Feather staff