THANK YOU: Johnson thanks family, friends for support

by Feb 8, 2016COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments


As I made efforts to get this “thank you” written, it seems I was met with continual obstacles.  Today, Feb. 4, it has been three months since I underwent heart surgery at the Asheville Cardiology Center in Mission Memorial hospital.  There are so many individuals, family, friends and churches to which I wish to say “thank you”.  Thank you to the churches and the many individuals for your prayers.  Thank you to family and friends for your caring visits or inquiries of how I was feeling.  Your presence, prayers, and words of encouragement are blessings forever etched within my mind and heart.

Special thank you to my sister Carolyn and brother Bopper who traveled many miles to be with me.  Thank you Bear and Verna for getting my meals supplied while convalescing at home, and to Jean for the many hours you sat with me.  And, thank you Yellowhill Church women for providing evening meals.  Each act of kindness has been greatly appreciated. To Doris and Buddy (family) Johnson, thank you for constant and daily caring that cannot be matched.

I say thank you to all that prayed, visited or asked about me.  May the Lord bless each of you for your acts of kindness.


In Faith,

Virginia Johnson