EDITORIAL: Mom…mom…mom   

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Every mother has experienced the tug on the skirt or pant leg. Usually, it is followed by a series of repeated calls of “mom”. Whether it is a need for food, a desire for a treasured item or nature has suddenly called, we learn very quickly after we are born that mothers are an essential part of our lives. We are nurtured inside our mothers for nine months (give or take). She provides life-giving nourishment and care. She foregoes pleasures like certain foods and skydiving to ensure that you come into the world.

She learns as much as she can about what it takes to provide you with a good childhood, and then she works to make that happen. In your childhood, mother oversees your experiencing of potty training, solid food and locomotion. She may be taking care of household chores and working another job – or two – to make sure you are provided for. She prepares you for your first trips away from home and family. She bandages every skinned knee and ministers to every bee sting. Mom was and is your biggest encourager and defender. It is usually mother who is wiping away the tears of life’s hurts away.

And, when we reach adulthood, mother continues to provide support and encouragement. Whether it is the occasional meal, “short term” loan or babysitting services, she frequently gives of her time and resources to continue to make life easier for us. She is there to celebrate your successes and worry with you during times of crisis.

And, as she gets older and her abilities and resources fade away, mother’s favorite thing in life is to share with others our successes and, with great pride, share stories and pictures of what has been the most precious thing in her life, her son or daughter. She treasures the sometimes all-to-brief visits from her children and eagerly waits for any opportunity to be a part of your family.

You don’t have to look far to see mothers at their best in Cherokee.  Take a quick trip to a local supermarket or restaurant and you will see them busily growing little ones into adults in various stages of that process. You will probably see a proud mother or two at every Cherokee Braves games (and most of the practices).

As we celebrate another Mother’s Day, take stock of all that your mother has endured and sacrificed. She doesn’t see it as a sacrifice, but a labor of love.