ON THE SIDELINES:  Consolidate NC Basketball Playoffs

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Both the Braves and Lady Braves varsity basketball teams did very well this year, and, as a result, both teams and their fans did a lot of traveling during the playoffs.

One thing I think could be improved in the NCHSAA basketball playoffs is to consolidate the playing venues and dates.  The Regional playoffs were held in several adjoining venues in Winston-Salem, but the first three rounds were held, as they are each year, at the home court of the higher seeded team.

That makes for a lot of driving around for lower-seeded teams, and it can split a team’s fan base if, for instance, the girls team is at home but the boys team has to travel.

Why not make the playoffs a large tournament that could be played over two weekends in two venues?  The first four rounds could be played the first weekend at a venue, or series of venues as in Winston-Salem, large enough to accommodate the teams, and the Regional Final and state championship games could be played the following weekend in Chapel Hill.

That might seem like a lot of basketball on the first weekend, but it’s nothing that teams playing in regular tournaments don’t face.

It would cut down on travel costs for smaller schools.  It would eliminate fan bases being split because all games (boys and girls) would be in the same venue(s).  And, it would cut down the traveling days and amount of time the student-athletes would miss class.

Just something to mull over in the off-season.

Sporting must-sees for April 10-12

There’s really only one thing to watch this weekend – The Masters Golf tournament from Augusta National Golf Club.  Even if you’re not a big fan of golf, which I’m really not, it is a lot of fun to watch The Masters, especially on Sunday afternoon.  The pristine course with the greenest greens in the world and Dogwoods in bloom are enough to put you in the spring mood.