Deceased Members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians between Oct. 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015

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This is a list of deceased members of the Tribe whose estate is entitled to a pro rata share of the deceased member’s per capita distribution of net gaming revenues for the period Oct. 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015 pursuant to Section 16C-5 of the Cherokee Code.

This section does not apply to deceased minors.  Distribution to the estate of a deceased member may be made only to the authorized, or court appointed, executor or administrator of the estate.  The Enrollment Office must have on file a letter or other written document from the Cherokee Court or other court appointing an executor or administrator for the estate.  Please submit in person to the Tribal Enrollment Office at 808 Acquoni Road, Ginger Lynn Welch Complex or mail to Enrollment Office, PO Box 2069, Cherokee, NC 28719.

Please report the death of an enrolled member to the Enrollment Office at (828) 359-6464, 359-6466, 359-6467, 359-6465 or call if you have any questions.




NameLast NameFirst NameMaiden MailAddress2 DeathDate
Adams Pamela Conseen 2/13/2015
Arch John Executor Tara Arch 1/12/2015
Armachain, Sr. Martin 11/18/2014
Armenti Richard 10/31/2014
Autry Emmaline Hipps 10/11/2014
Baker, Sr. Lloyd 10/6/2014
Balderas Starlene Swayney 12/29/2014
Bernhisel Sarah Taylor Executor Bernice Taylor 12/9/2014
Bodine Mary Stiles Executor Mary Candice Cox 1/8/2015
Bradley, Jr. Henry 1/14/2015
Brady Crystal 3/1/2015
Buchanan, Sr. Omer Executor Patricia George Buchanan 3/11/2015
Cannon Katherine Lossiah Executor Robert Cannon 12/25/2014
Cline Willie Warrick Executor Robert T. Council, Sr. 10/20/2014
Cody Wilma Derryberry 2/2/2015
Cooper Thomas Executor Rachel Cooper 2/12/2015
Craig George Executor Joann B. Craig 10/25/2014
Crowers Robert 12/1/2014
Esparza Rynda Saunooke 12/29/2014
George Davina 2/12/2015
Godwin Rilla Byrd 2/19/2015
Holcomb Carrie Hyde 1/22/2015
Hornbuckle Juanita Walkingstick 12/10/2014
Huskey Clara Bradley 3/11/2015
Hyde, Jr. Robert Executor Maxine Hyde 11/27/2014
Kimmy Jeanette Myers 2/27/2015
Lambert Catherine Conseen Executor Brent Lambert 2/18/2015
Lambert George 1/6/2015
Lambert Richard Executor Peggy Bradley Lambert 1/6/2015
Littlejohn Freeman Executor Tashauna Cunningham 1/12/2015
Littlejohn Kina Queen Executor Annie Oocumma 10/13/2014
Littlejohn Sue Executor Paulette Taukchiray 10/16/2014
Long Lewis 2/10/2015
Maney Myron Executor Cheryl Maney 10/10/2014
McCoy Mack 1/4/2015
McMillan Larry 3/16/2015
Miles Kimber 11/22/2014
Owl Alfred Executor Dorothy Brady Owl 1/27/2015
Owle, Sr. David 3/29/2015
Palmer, Jr. Holt Executor Anna Ruth Scroggs Palmer 10/21/2014
Queen Mary Littlejohn 2/3/2015
Roach Esther Screamer 1/13/2015
Saine Marcella Wilnoty 2/28/2015
Saine Marshall 12/19/2014
Saunooke, Jr. Osley 3/2/2015
Sequoyah, Sr. Gary Executor TsaLiDi Sequoyah 12/14/2014
Shehan Sally George Executor Robert Hull, Jr. 1/30/2015
Sluder Brenda Swayney Executor William D. Lambert, Jr. 3/2/2015
Smith James 1/10/2015
Smith Jerry 12/6/2014
Smith Osceola Executor Vanessa Huskey 12/23/2014
Smoker James Executor John Smoker 1/22/2015
Swayney John 3/10/2015
Tahquette Jonathan Executor Bentley Tahquette 12/2/2014
Taylor Jesse 3/7/2015
Taylor Martha Junaluskie Executor Truman Taylor 10/23/2014
Taylor, Jr. Jonathan 1/21/2015
Thompson, Jr. Wilson 3/10/2015
Toineeta Sherry Executor Rachel Paige Crowe 11/19/2014
Wachacha Cynthia 12/15/2014
Walkingstick Rose Executor Kent Cucumber 12/27/2014
Watty Jerome Executor Geneva Watty 3/3/2015