Thank you from family of Mollie Blankenship

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On behalf of Lloyd Arneach Sr. and the family of Mollie Blankenship, thank you cannot even come close to expressing how thankful we are for everyone’s help, condolences and well wishes. We would like to thank each of the following: Yellowhill Reps. B. Ensley and David Wolfe; Reuben Teesateskie; Long house Funeral Home; Scott, Sheena and Maleaha Brings Plenty; Fran McCoy; Sarah Crow Sampson, Austin Sampson, and Keegan Crow; Cherokee One feather; Iva Gentry; Father Everett Fredholm; Yellowhill Community Club; Yellowhill free labor; Cherokee Transit; Chief Michell Hicks and Vice Chief Larry Blythe; Hugh Lambert; Wilbur Paul; Tribal Council, Tsali Care For the Flag Ceremony: Myrtle Driver, Bo Lossiah, Kayla Johnson, David Wolfe and Climbingbear . Once again, thank you to everyone who stopped by for Mollie’s visitation and service.


The Family of Mollie Blankenship,

Lloyd Arneach Sr., Lloyd Arneach Jr., and Dawn Arneach