LETTER: Mars Hill NASA president weighs in on “Cowboys and Navahoes” party

by Sep 18, 2014OPINIONS0 comments


The Native American Student Association’s (NASA) viewpoint on these types of parties is that they are offensive. In NASA’s opinion dressing as the perceived notion of how a Native American dresses or would dress is equally offensive as a person putting on black face. The disregard that these situations have in 2014 is astounding; the fact that dressing as a stereotype of any other race is considered more offensive than a person being dressed with feathers, painted face, and “buckskin.” It is all offensive once the stereotypical dress is put on.

It hurts knowing a person can get away with dressing as an “Indian” if they just plead ignorance of not seeing how it is discourteous to Native Americans. When people do not think of how this affects a population or culture is when the real damage is done.


Landon French

Mars Hill NASA president

Note: Landon is an EBCI tribal member from the Yellowhill Community.