EDITORIAL: Making the right choice

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Some important dates will be here before you know it. With regard to North Carolina, the last date that you can register to vote in 2014 election is Oct. 10. Early voting will open on Oct. 23 and conclude on Nov. 1. Oct. 28 is the last day you will be able to request an absentee ballot for the general election (ncvoterguide.org). Election day is Nov. 4.


When we make choices about home and work, we weigh the pros and cons of decisions. We try to find reliable sources for information. If it is a purchase, we check several sources to ensure that we are making the most effective, efficient and economically sound choice possible. We know that when we finally decide to invest in it, we will live with the outcome. The same is true for the choices we make in the voting booth.


It is our right to have a voice in the these elections. The quality of the leadership we put in office will be based on our diligence and knowledge, or lack of it. Find out what the candidates believe and determine if it lines up with your philosophy. Check voter guides and media sources. You may also contact the candidates or their organizations directly to get information for your decision. Make informed decisions about who you will trust with your future.