Carroll thanks Yogi Crowe Scholarship

by Sep 8, 2014OPINIONS0 comments


I would like to take this time to express my extreme gratitude to the Richard (Yogi) Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund for awarding me scholarship funding for the fall semester of 2014. My name is Tishina Carroll, and I am a graduate student in the highly competitive Advanced Standing Masters of Social Work program at Western Carolina University. This program enables students to finish their master’s of social work degree in one year instead of two by waiving the first year foundation course requirements.

I finished up my undergraduate degree at Western Carolina University in May of 2014 and began graduate school classes the following month. Transitioning directly to second year graduate work has been challenging, but rewarding. I am currently enrolled in the substance abuse certification program, which will enable me to become a certified substance abuse counselor upon my graduation in May 2015. I am also an intern with Analenisgi, which is an agency that provides substance abuse and mental health treatment to tribal members. I am also currently enrolled in five classes, three of which require me to travel to WCU’s Biltmore Campus twice a week.

The Richard (Yogi) Crowe Memorial Scholarship has assisted me in purchasing additional materials that I’ve needed for graduate school that I would have not otherwise been able to afford. This scholarship has also alleviated some of the financial stresses placed on my family during this hectic time in our lives. Being a fulltime graduate student and having a family is a challenge, and having the assistance of a scholarship helps me out tremendously.

Thank you again for this opportunity!

Tishina M. Carroll