Thank you for support of Wellness Kick-off

by Aug 15, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

The Cherokee Community Wellness Team (CCWT) and School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) hosted the 4th Annual Cherokee Central Schools Wellness Kick-off on Wednesday, Aug. 6 the Cherokee Central Schools Open House. The event was a success with 297 participants including moms, dads, grandparents, and kids of all ages!

A big thank you to all the support from the community and volunteers including:

Principal Chief Hicks, Cherokee Central Schools, Cherokee Food Lion, Cherokee Diabetes, Cherokee Choices, Cherokee Community Wellness Team & SHAC

Volunteers:  Nilofer, Linda and Jean (CIHA Nutrition Dept); Mollie Littlejohn (CCWT Member); Phyll Reed (Cherokee Choices); Brenda Cruz (CCWT, SHAC and WIC); Mellie Burns (Dental Clinic); Michelle Lopez (CCWT/ IT); Johnnie Walkingstick (SHAC and CCS); Jeremy Wilson (Cherokee Life Center); Elnora Thompson and Stephan Swimmer (Cherokee Runners); Alannah Tomich (Cherokee Choices); Bryan Kinsey (Cherokee Diabetes); Analenisgi Staff; Yona Wade (CCS); Robin Swayney (SHAC and Qualla Library); Cherokee Fire & Rescue; Kelly Jewell Timco; Mary De Hart Bennett; Rose James (Cherokee Choices); Janette Broda (CCWT, SHAC and CCS); Catcuce Tiger (CCWT, SHAC and Cherokee Choices); Robin Callahan (Cherokee Choices); Susan Bogardus (CIHA Nutrition Dept) and Tierney Bradley; and Cherokee Boy’s Club.

The Cherokee Community Wellness Team & SHAC wish you a healthy and happy 2014/2015 School Year!

Look for the 5th Annual CCS Wellness Kick-off in August 2015! For more information contact Robin Callahan, RD, LDN, MHS at 828-554-6785,