Editorial: Putting our best foot forward  

by May 24, 2014OPINIONS0 comments




Have you noticed the improvement of the look of our town? The streetscape is improving due to the dedicated work of the tribal government and business community. Many building facades have been renovated to present a fresh and appealing appearance. Standards for exterior colors and storefront design have been implemented by the Commerce Department to accentuate earth tones and colors more in line with the Cherokee culture. New sidewalk areas are being constructed with ecologically-friendly landscaping. And, a new sign ordinance and roadway safety initiatives have prompted a clearing and refurbishing of the downtown street-side business signs and platforms.

Some people have a tendency to think of those types of changes as only benefitting businesses or possibly solely to draw potential tourists to our area. Having this kind of renovation and beautification will have a positive impact on the touring public, which leads to increased revenue for the local businesses and increased dollars coming in to the tribe through levy.

I believe that we are communicating our pride in community through these improvements. It shows that we are good stewards of what we have been provided. A clean, organized, and culturally-attractive landscape is pleasing to our community and visitors alike.

As tribal government, the business community and other organizations continue to improve the public areas of our land, we have an opportunity to personally contribute to those efforts. As we visit and enjoy those areas, we may assist by cleaning up and taking care of the parking areas, picnic tables, water features, sidewalks, islands and other public places. When you have the opportunity, write or speak a word of appreciation to those who are working hard to put our best foot forward for, not only the visitors, but for our fellow community members.