Thank you Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Committee

by May 19, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

I would like to take this time to publically thank the Yogi Crowe Board for their financial support that I received this semester.   This is my first semester attending Graduate School at the University of  Tennessee (UT) as a part-time student.  I am pursing a master of arts degree, majoring  in anthropology with a concentration in archeology.   I appreciate the opportunity that this scholarship’s provides in helping with my numerous expenses associated from being a student at UT.  Without assistance from this scholarship, as well as Tribal Education, I would not be able to cover all the cost related to college.  I am sincerely grateful for the support that I have received while striving to meet my educational goals.

In past years, I have read in the One Feather numerous students who have been the recipients of this scholarship and to be included in this group is a privilege.   The Yogi Crowe Scholarship is instrumental in helping us to concentrate on our classes without having to worry about paying our bills.  Personally, I am also glad that I am attending the school that Yogi Crow also attended and graduated with his master’s degree.   Thank you again for this scholarship.

Beau Carroll