LETTER: Cherokee Phoenix Theater is an Autistic-friendly place

by Mar 22, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

One of the hardest things for many of our loved ones on the Autism Spectrum is public places. This could be restaurants, movie theaters, even stores. So, when you do find that one place that stands out, it makes a huge difference.

For my family, one of these places happens to be Cherokee Phoenix Theater. The staff there has always been patient and courteous. I don’t even know if they realize the impact they have made on my daughter.

She never liked to go to the movies. All the people, noise, and crowds standing in line had made going a nightmare for her. We finally talked her into trying Cherokee Phoenix Theater. She was so anxious about it; however, she wanted to see Alice in Wonderland so she agreed to try.

Her first impression of the theater was a remarkable one. She loved how the seats slowly incline so that nobody’s head in the way. She loved the popcorn and the movie. Finally, when the movie was over, everyone crowded up to leave the theater. She panicked. It was just too much all at once. Well, one of the staff saw her in distress and guided us out away from the crowd. Thanks to this one act of compassion my daughter has returned many times to Cherokee Phoenix Theater.

I don’t know who that staff member was since that was four years ago. I was too busy just following and supporting my daughter. However, I’ve never forgotten and neither has my daughter. In the four years of us being able to go to Cherokee Phoenix Theater we have enjoyed many wonderful family nights out being serviced by some of the nicest staff.

– Amy Welch