Thank you from Sam, Charlene, and Michael Otter

by Mar 21, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

Sam, Charlene, and Michael Otter would like to thank Joe Wolfe and Mary Jane Smith for caring enough about our family while I wasn’t able to work do to me having a bad fall and injuring myself. The fund raiser was a big help in our time of need. We thank Acquoni Church members for helping and the Antioch members for lending a helping hand by donating food for the event. We would like to thank everyone that cared enough to help make the chili and fry-bread fund raiser a success. We also like to thank family members for all their help in making this a success. Thank you Cherokee Police Department for donating and lending a helping hand at seeing that the dinners got delivered and to others that helped deliver. Most of all, we thank the Lord for making this event possible.


Thanks so much.

May God bless you.

Sam, Charlene, and Michael Otter