Thank you letter from the family of “Mike” Crowe

by Mar 12, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

It has been a couple of months now, and I have tried and tried to do this letter of thank you in regards to my father, Mitchell S. “Mike” Crowe.  My father touched many lives in his life time and it showed during the time of his funeral. 

I would to thank everyone from those who were at the hospital with him, to the Funeral Home for their assistance in the services for him, the ones that did graveside service for him and to the Church for allowing us to have him there Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Thank you to the groups that sang on Saturday night and those that spoke during his services.  I would like to thank my family that was there for him when he needed to go somewhere. 

It has been many years since I had been back in Cherokee, and I am glad I was able to be there.  Once again, thank you all for the help and prayers from myself, my daughters and granddaughters in Washington State. 

Michelle, Misty Devalyn, Dana and Talaya