Grandma’s bragging rights

by Jan 17, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

My family and I were blessed over the holiday to make a surprise visit to see my grandson Dustin Johnson, a junior at Cherokee High School.  Only his mother Winona Johnson, grandma Sally Durant and Coach Tullos knew we were coming.  When I walked in the house, followed by his dad Billy, grandpa Frank and uncle Michael, the look on Dustin’s face was priceless. What a moment to remember.

We got to watch two of Dustin’s basketball games, one in which we got to see him receive his trophy for the All-Tournament Team. The games were so exciting, nail biting, I was jumping up out of my seat. Finally got to see in person the Cherokee Braves in action…what a  talented bunch of young men. We had awesome Cherokee Braves t-Shirts that were made for us with #22 and our names on the back. We know Dustin can play basketball, but wow!  He made shots and passes that were amazing.  He made a bounce pass with a curve, something we’ve never seen before. We’re still talking about it to everyone here at home.  I believe it takes a great coach to get the full potential from a player, and I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Tullos.

I’m so proud of my grandson Dustin, an amazing young man on and off the basketball court.

We love him dearly.

Loved Cherokee, a wonderful experience that we will never forget.


#22’s Grandma Reba from Tahlequah, Okla.