Thank you from Amy West

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This year I ran for Teen Miss Cherokee and placed 1st Runner Up.  This wouldn’t have been possible without God’s many Blessings and also without the help of my many supports.  I would   like to give a huge thank you to my mom and grandparents for supporting me in everything I do.  I love you guys! 

Also, thank you to Kristi Hyatt and Rachel Hicks for letting me borrow some of my wardrobe from you.  To Chris Queen for escorting and helping me though the pageant.  To Ethan Ledford and Lavita Hill for letting me use your car in the parade.  To Hunter Lambert for being there, helping me through and driving me in the parade.  To Kyla George, Silas Reed-Littlejohn, Jamie Fuller, Keisha Smathers, Simon Montelango, Ryver Gunter, Storm Ledford, Christi Zollinger, Emelye Sneed, Cain Ross and Michael Lopez for walking and throwing candy for me.  Trina Rhinehart, thank you for doing my hair and helping me get ready throughout the pageant. I couldn’t have done it without you!   Bo Taylor, you saved the evening for me, thank you and Candy Martin and Guy Wildcatt for helping me prepare.  Thank you to Lilia Sauza for being there to help me throughout the pageant and being my best friend!  To Stacy Wolfe for teaching me how to sing “Farther Along” in Cherokee for my talent and thank you to Marina Catt, Patrick and Victoria West and all my friends and family and anyone else who supported me in any way possible.  Thank You.


Amy West

Teen Miss Cherokee 2013 1st Runner Up