Thank you from the Murphy family

by Aug 26, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

We would like to thank Michell Hicks, Larry Blythe, al the Council members, the fire department,  Qualla Housing, HCD department, the power company, the water department, Cherokee St. Rodders, Marsha Ensley, Loretta Kirby, Fonze McCoy, Beverly Bennett, Michael Wilnoty, Tiny Taylor, Omer Buchanan Sr, Omer Buchanan Jr, Allen Groenwald, Jack Beckner, Jim Lambert, OD Swaney, Rob Welch, Tadpole George, Eddie Bradley, Jack Smith, Lance Gunner, John Long, Curt McCoy, Sharon Queen, Leann Ledford, Mary Mantooth, Shane Kalonaheskie, Darell Teesateskie, Russell Brown, Bob Driver, Tuff Jackson, Dale Fullbright, Kim Smith, TK Myers, Letitia George, Charlene Owle, Rhonda Carver, Fay McCoy, TW Young, Mirm Fuller, Hatti Wildcat, Andy Hull, Reena Cooper, Quinton Frankiewicz, Tamara Jackson, William and Mindy Wright, Lisa Howell, Becky Howell, Melissa Arch, Karyl Frankiewicz, Mary Cagle, Jessica Hornbuckle, Helen Crisp, Kim and Linda Chiltoskie, Kaniawa Chiltoskie, Curtis and Buffy Arneach, Frances Littlejohn, Larry and Judy Addy, Cricket Myers, Clarence Murphy, Tom Murphy, Jamaca Murphy, Estephan Welch, John Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy, Junior Welch, Keith and Sandy Sneed, Gigi Sneed, Mary Smith, Steve Smith, Bruce Martin and wife, Jessalee and Darlene Dover, Henry Dover, and everyone else that helped us.  Thank you very, very much.

Les, Judy, Michelle, and Cory