Letter of Appreciation to Yogi Crowe Scholarship Fund

by Aug 15, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

I would like to express my gratitude to the Richard Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund for awarding a grant to me for fall semester at Middle Tennessee State University. I will be beginning my first year of graduate education in the Clinical Psychology program at MTSU and as a graduate student I have incurred many more expenses than that of an undergraduate. The grant that I have received will help alleviate some of those costs and will allow me to focus more clearly on my studies.

The members of the scholarship board were very helpful and pleasant to interview with. Thank you all for being so welcoming and taking an interest in my graduate studies. Scholarships like the Yogi Crowe fund afford me and other Tribal members with the opportunity to purchase or pay for items that would otherwise be out of our means.  Personally this scholarship will allow me to further maintain my independence and has helped make the transition to my new environment easier.

Thank you for the opportunity and the support you have given me thus far and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.


Thank you,

Megan Smith